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    fresho! Farm Eggs - Regular, Antibiotic Residue-free, 30 pcs

    Price: ₹265(₹8.83 / pc)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    30 pcs
    265(₹8.83 / pc)
    6 pcs
    45(₹7.5 / pc)
    498% OFF
    12 pcs
    100(₹8.33 / pc)
    6 pcs
    115(₹19.17 / pc)
    2 x 12 pcsMultipack
    200(₹8.33 / pc)

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    fresho! Farm Eggs - Regular, Antibiotic Residue-free

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    Buy Fresho Eggs Table Tray 30 Pcs Online At Best Price

    Eggs are most commonly found in every kitchen, thus making eggs a crucial part of your grocery shopping. An egg is one of the most familiar items of our daily diet. However, during winters, it becomes very necessary for you to have eggs daily. There is nothing better than having eggs which are not only luscious but also healthy. There is a variety of ways to prepare an egg, some like it fried or poached, some prefer a boiled egg and others prefer an omelet. Buy fresho eggs online will let you prevent from spending a hefty amount that you would have to pay otherwise while purchasing from an offline store. You can't simply argue regarding any discount availability while buying from the latter, thus it becomes clear that you buy your products from a reliable online store. From Bigbasket, you can order online fresho eggs 30pc at an aggressive price. Though as we know that the quality of eggs is diminishing day by day, however, there is no downfall in their price. From Bigbasket you can have fresho eggs 30pc price only for Rs.168. On Bigbasket we are committed to our customers and we only offer you those goods which are of the best quality. You can buy fresh eggs online from Bigbasket with the assurance of quality and quantity delivered at your doorsteps within the time limit. Our eggs are hygienically processed and securely filled for keeping them free from any impurity. On Bigbasket, we offer you eggs which have high dietary content, protein, and rich taste. Apart from the best service in the market, we aim to provide you with the best brands’ products in your hand. For instance, you can also buy fresho eggs table tray online from our platform delivered at your ordered place which is going to save your time and money. Eggs are necessary for all men, women, kids of all ages. One large egg contains approximately 72 calories, 6 grams of protein, and some healthful unsaturated fats. It is laborious for the customers to identify which egg is fresh and which one is not and there is no assurance of quality of eggs in offline stores. A fresh egg can maintain your health but one rotten egg can make you feel sick too. Hey! Don't worry, we, on Bigbasket, make different quality tests before offering you anything. We have different sets of quantity packages so that you can order your products according to the requirements. Don't waste more time roaming in the offline stores for buying anything, when you can get even better quality without going anywhere. That being said, what are you even waiting for? Just make your mind regarding the kind of egg that is going to be perfect for your use, as we have almost every type of eggs. You name it and we have it right here for you. Our 24 hours’ delivery system is always there to have your back. Once you start shopping online from our website, there is no turning back from the amazing experience you get to have here.