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    A tomato ketchup or tomato sauce is a typical sauce made using tomatoes in a vinegar syrup using sweeteners, seasonings and spices. It is the most communing used condiment with almost ninety-seven per cent of the world storing a sauce bottle at their homes. The easiest way to get a bottle of ketchup is to order one online at Big Basket. This tangy sauce that you can’t seem to do without has various facts that might not be known to you. Here are some facts that make the tomato ketchup a truly versatile condiment, that is loved by almost everyone. Do you believe that it is the sauce that adds the main flavour to your food? Well, we do! That is why we have stocked up our online store with a wide range of ketchup and sauces to go with all the different kinds of meals. Among all different flavours and seasonings of sauces available, tomato sauce is the most common, of course. While tomato sauce is used as an ingredient in your cooking recipes, tomato ketchup can also be used as a dip or a side along with your meals. Be it with sandwiches, Maggi, French fries, pizza, burger or samosas, it pairs well with them all. Kissan ketchup and Heinz tomato ketchup are one of the most popular brands selling tomato sauces in the market and there are variations within the sauces itself, such as sweet and tangy, spicy and more. Other common brands selling tomato ketchup are Del Monte and Maggi. Apart from tomato sauces, there are barbeque sauces, sauces that can be added to pasta or pizza, Thai flavoured sauces and more. Ragu is a well-liked and popular brand of sauces for pizza toppings and your pasta dishes. Be it traditional pasta dressing, alfredo or white sauce pasta, the brand has it all. You can check out and compare the pasta and pizza sauce price online at bigbasket before making a choice. The brand “Veeba” also has many unique varieties of sauces such as sweet onion, mayonnaise, southwest, honey mustard and more. Any sauce that can be added to your subway sandwich can be found under this brand. Funfoods also offers a range of sauces that can be bought online at bigbasket. Apart from sauces, jams are also a spread that goes along with bread, chappati and even your dosas. Kissan offers jams and ketchup in value packs and you can buy them on bigbasket. Choose from the wide range of jam and ketchup brands on bigbasket and have your spread delivered to your house.

    Interesting Facts About Ketchup

    1. It was first used as a cooking agent Tomato ketchup was not always used as a condiment. This popular seasoning sauce, at the start of its invention, was used as a flavouring agent during the preparation of meat, fish or chicken. It was added to the pot to make a thick gravy that contained a savoury taste and could be enjoyed by the young and old alike. It was also used an ingredient in the cooking of other sauces or pies. It was in the 1900s when we were first introduced to the hamburgers and fries, that this amazing sauce started being used as a condiment. 2. Tomatoes were not always used No matter how much you believe that your ketchup is incomplete without tomatoes, it was always the preferred ingredient while making this seasoning. The earliest versions of the ketchup were made using egg whites, anchovies, walnut, mushrooms and shallots. Oysters and mussels were also used. A certain type in the Philippines was prepared using bananas and appealed to the sweeter palate. 3. It's a multi-purpose condiment The ketchup is worth more than it’ value! It’s miracle sauce that can be used to achieve high levels of cleanliness. The acidity of the ketchup brought by the abundant use of vinegar and tomatoes makes it an effective product for cleaning copper tarnishing from utensils. It can also be used as a cheap alternative for polishing steel and brass to get a shiny surface. This great property allows the ketchup to hold the title of the most versatile food invention ever. 4. It enhances the taste of almost anything A small amount of this condiment can improve the taste of almost anything. It can be used a dip for fries, wedges and fritters, or even work as a great pizza sauce or barbeque sauce. It can also be added to gravies to enhance the overall flavour of the dish, thereby, allowing you to enjoy a mouth-watering treat. This evergreen condiment doesn’t seem to be fading away from the market anytime soon, finding more and more fans as new recipes are being developed. Different brand of this ketchup is readily available on Big Basket’s website. All you have to do get a bottle of your own is to browse through the various brand options, like the Kissan ketchup or the Heinz Tomato Ketchup and choose the bottle that suits your needs.