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    For ages tea and salt biscuits have been a favoured combination for many. These light salty crackers have adorned the kitchen pantry and were the most basic of snacks to be served to visitors in numerous households. The best thing about salt biscuits is its versatility, especially the Monaco biscuits, that can be transformed in a variety of ways to make the perfect party snack. For instance, you can add toppings on the biscuits or make a biscuit sandwich with it. Furthermore, you can also create great chats with your humble namkeen biscuit. All you need is a bit of creativity or a little help from google. Namkeen biscuits have transformed and now comes in so many varieties, from the cheese and salty butter biscuits to cumin flavoured and even masala flavoured biscuits. Even the plain monaco biscuits come in a chilli variant offered by Sunfeast. You can even enjoy the goodness of sugary and salty biscuits in a single bite with the Parle Krack Jack biscuits or Britannia’s 50-50 biscuits. The 50-50 Maska Chaska and the 20-20 biscuits are also a great option, the butter and herbs in it just add to its flavour. The Maska Chaska biscuits are also quite popular and many people even use it to prepare mouth-watering tangy chats. You can find a wide array of salted biscuits and crackers online only at bigbasket. When you buy biscuits online at bigbasket; you not only get a huge variety of biscuits to choose from but you also get to discover new products and flavours available in this section. Not to forget the attractive deals and discounts you get from bigbasket.