Cream Biscuits & Wafers

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    Get variety of cream biscuits and wafers at bigbasket

    Does the name bourbon biscuit, wafers and milk cream biscuit in smiley shape, make you feel nostalgic? Well, then you are not alone. For a large majority of people out there, these cream biscuits and wafers were so tempting, that many would sneak into the kitchen and slyly gorge on them. Cream biscuits and wafers still enjoy the same love from kids and even adults today. In fact, the variety of cream biscuits and wafer biscuits available today are much greater and even the iconic bourbon and milk cream biscuits come in so many varieties. Even the wafer biscuits come in many delightful flavours apart from the regular orange, vanilla and strawberry flavours. Now, there is nowhere written that adults can’t have cream biscuits, so get yourself a packet from bigbasket and embark on a nostalgic journey with them. The best thing about cream biscuits and wafers is that kids absolutely love them not only making them a great snack but are also a quick tiffin option. Plus, cream biscuits and wafer biscuits are quite light on the pocket. For instance, the popular jim-jam biscuits price would cost you just 5 Rs for a 25gm pouch. Some of the popular variety of cream biscuits absolutely loved by kids are Oreo cream biscuits, Dark fantasy biscuit, Jim-Jam biscuits and Sunfeast bounce to name a few. Today, there are also many indulgent biscuits available that taste absolutely divine such as the Hide and Seek choco rolls biscuits, Dark fantasy choco fills, Dark chocolate bourbon, Vanilla flavoured black bourbon and Belgium chocolate chunks. You can find a plethora of cream biscuits in all flavours, shapes and sizes at bigbasket. Just browse through our huge assortment of cream biscuits and wafers, and you would always be tempted to buy biscuits online from bigbasket. So hurry get your pantry replenished with wafer and cream biscuits. Buy wafers and cream biscuits online at bigbasket to get attractive discounts and also a huge variety of cream biscuits from national and international brands to choose from.