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    Flowers and plants seem to be the best gifts of nature to everyone. Flowers and flower pot have always been on the top among the best gifting ideas. These are just perfect to express your feeling and emotions at different phases of life. They are used religiously as well. Flowers kept in a beautiful stand can enhance the beauty of any table, manifold and bring about the sudden change in the ambience of that place. Various designs of flower pot stands are used to compliment the beauty of the flower and its pot. A vivid variety of these stands can make it so confusing to decide amongst when they all look so pleasing. And now, there comes this good news, that is you can get these flower pots online! We, at bigbasket always try to offer you with the maximum number of choices possible. We present to you a wide range of pots ranging from the ceramic pots to the terracotta pots. Porous ceramic pots, also called unglazed clays are widely used and considered as a good and all-around choice for the plants because of their moisture wicking and porous nature. Another type of clay pots is the very famous and often used terracotta pots which are not just clay but are baked to make the end product more strong and they can withstand the very high intensity of heat also. Plastic pots are stronger and more flexible. A lot of attractive designs and more customization is something which attracts people more towards these pots. Hanging flower pots bring an unmatched elegance to an area, be it outdoors or indoors. So start shopping and decorating your place with these beautiful flower pots. Indoor plant pots always seem like a blessing when gardening is one of your hobbies but you do not have that much space. Indoor gardening can take terrible turns without these plant pots. And now you can get all your favourite plant pots online. Balcony planters can transform your boring balcony in ways, that might seem unrealistic. So, what stops you? Grab your favourite planters online from our bigbasket stores. Anything with a touch of nature becomes so mesmerizing and in its own unique way, the same goes for the empty spaces in the backyard or near your house that needs to be transformed into gardens and you can beautifully decorate them with some relishing garden pots. We present to you a whole new idea of gardening through our range of hanging plant pots and wall planters that overpowers the idea of plants always being at the floor. Usually, small herbs are planted in these planters. These are available in various forms ranging from wooden, metallic, glass to plastic. So, just shortlist your favourite wall and balcony planters and all the other pots you love. Add them in your cart and place the order now. Don't forget to avail our latest offers. Hurry up! These exciting offers last till the stock ends. Place your order and wait for the delivery at your doorstep, we will be there soon!