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    Used as a savoury condiment that is relished all over the world, the pickle is a food item that holds a special place in our hearts. It has always had the credit of adding flavour to any dish that is bland and plain. The simple idea of fermenting vegetables in a broth of vinegar and spices has given us a snack that we can’t seem to do without. The best part? It is readily available online. You can just get a jar of your choice by placing an online order at BigBasket. These pickles come in a variety of flavours that meet everyone’s needs. No matter what you like, there is always a pickle to tingle your taste-buds.

    Types of Pickles

    1. Genuine Dill Pickle A popularly consumed cucumber pickle, that has been pickled in dill seed and dill weed. This variety of pickles contain a sour taste and is usually served in a sliced form that can be devoured directly from the jar or mixed into your soup or broth the enhance the taste. The pickle can also be used as a complementing element to a burger or even as a dip to flavour cut veggies or fried finger foods. Vinegar is the most common pickling agent used in preparing this dish, where the slices of cucumber are immersed in flavoured vinegar and kept a jar at room temperature. The dill weed is usually added at the last stage of fermentation for a stronger taste. Red jalapenos or black olives can also be used to make the genuine dill pickle. 2. Sweet Pickles A pickle that has been made in a brine of vinegar, spices and sugar can be termed as a sweet pickle. Candied pickles are a good example of how pickles can be made to taste sweet. The taste is not as explosive as that of a general pickle but it is different and unfathomable. It is sometimes used as a quirky ingredient to spice up the flavour of ice-creams or candy canes. The jalapeno pepper is used in some recipes to complement the sweet taste. 3. Gherkins Used as a garnish over appetizers and sandwiches, the gherkin pickle is a slight bit different from the normal pickle family. These versatile pickles, originating from North America, can be sweet or savoury as they can be prepared with any technique of pickling. The original recipe is usually prepared with a smaller variety of cucumber but nowadays you can find innovative recipes in the market that may contain sliced jalapenos or pickled olives. The unique taste of the gherkin ensures that it can be used as a topping, as an appetizer or even an additive. Sweet gherkins are mostly chopped and added to salads for an explosion of taste. 4. Bread and Butter Pickles A tangy burst of sweet and sour, the bread and butter pickle, although part of the same family as sweet pickles, is a class apart. These pickles are made from a similar recipe of sugary vinegar with flavoured spices but the pieces of the vegetable or the fruit are sliced into wafer-thin pieces that can be added over your toast, sandwich or burger and even the occasional salad. If you have a sudden craving to savour the spicy and tangy taste of pickles or gherkins, you can always order a jar of pickled olives online or a bottle of jalapeno chilli in a sweet brine at BigBasket’s website.