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    Tuna fish is one of the most popular and most eaten fish in the world. Such is the voracious appetite for this fish that several of its varieties are on the brink of extinction especially bluefin tuna that is highly demanded in Japan. Closer home, tuna fishing is a fairly recent phenomenon and is becoming quite popular with every passing day. Tuna in India is known as Soorai/Kerai and is mainly fished in the deep waters of Indian ocean off the Goa coast, Kerala and Andaman Islands. In fact, Andaman island is slowly becoming one of the major hubs of chilled tuna in the world. Although eating tuna fish daily is not advised due to the high mercury content, it is still highly demanded owing to its unique flavour which is less fishy than other fishes. Tuna is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, vitamin C and Vitamin B complex. All these essentials nutrients make tuna great for the health and this is why people make a beeline for it. Tuna packed with nutrition and Omega – 3 fatty acid has several health benefits. Like other Omega 3 foods it is heart friendly, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immunity system, aids weight loss, strengthens the bone, improves the skin health, prevents cancer risk, improves metabolism rate, improves organ functionality and boosts energy. Getting fresh tuna fish can be a little tricky in India since majority of our tuna comes from Andaman water and as such it is not widely available with the local fish vendors across India. Nevertheless, you you can buy the canned tuna fish online from bigbasket, that is as good as fresh Tuna. Canned tuna is also quite convenient to eat since you can eat them directly from the can. However, once you have opened the can keep it in refrigerated conditions and try to finish them fast. There are several different varieties of tuna available and the best-canned tuna to eat is the canned light tuna that has a lower mercury level. One can also enjoy canned white tuna and yellowfin tuna but their mercury content is a bit high. Buy tuna fish online from bigbasket and dish out some exotic sushi, salads and sandwiches from your kitchen. Tuna fish price in India is a bit expensive especially the canned ones. The 1 kg tuna fish price in India is on the higher side and varies depending on whether it is being brought whole or cleaned. The canned tuna flakes cost Rs 141.55 on bigbasket as against its MRP of Rs 149. The prices of canned tuna in India is depended upon the brand and the type of tuna being offered. You can find several different varieties of tuna online at bigbasket, just browse through their extensive range of tin processed food and buy the one you like.