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    Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, then you must be in awe for the yummy maple syrup. Maple syrup is made out of the xylem sap of the maple tree which belongs to the plant family of Sapindaceae. Maple syrup is a product of different types of maple trees such as sugar maple, black maple and red maple trees. There are many commercially available maple syrup which is high in sugar content and are not advisable to be taken in large quantities. But, organic pure maple syrup can be a replacement for white sugar which is harmful to health. Because large intake of white sugar causes indigestion and increases cardiovascular risks. Maple syrup is certainly a better alternative to sugar as it provides many vital nutrients which are essential for our body.

    Some of the health benefits of maple syrup include:

    Loaded with anti-oxidants: Uses of Maple syrup are it is a good source of anti-oxidants which is essential for better immunity against diseases and keeps us young and glowing. Low glycemic index: Consuming organic maple syrup as a replacement to other sweeteners may help in reduced blood sugar levels and aids in reduced risk of heart diseases due to its low glycemic index. A better alternative to sugar: Maple syrup is considered a better substitute for white sugar when used in small quantities. To keep your digestive system unaffected by artificial sweeteners which cause indigestion, pure maple syrup is a better option as it aids in proper digestion when consumed in moderation Zinc and magnesium: Maple syrup is loaded with zinc and magnesium which is essential for building immunity and regulating fat and carbohydrates in the body respectively. Instead of fruit jams and chocolate spreads which are loaded with high sugar content replace them with organic maple syrup. But make sure that the quality of maple syrup is what determines its health benefits. If maple syrup is extracted from the maple trees which are organically grown without any chemicals, then they are considered as organic maple syrup. There are two grades of maple syrup such as grade A and grade B. Grade A maple syrup is mostly preferred by the consumers due to its light maple flavour. Grade A maple syrup price is more expensive and can be found on the shelves of supermarkets. Grade B maple syrup is less priced, and it is darker in colour and mostly like a corn syrup. Finding real maple syrup may be easy with few tips. Original maple syrup is clean and light maple flavour with hints of vanilla and prune. Maple syrups are one of the highest prices syrups available online and are a staple for breakfasts for many. Maple syrup is a favourite drizzle for many on pancakes across the globe. Instead of taking trips to the nearby supermarket for shopping, you can buy maple syrup online in India with most competitive prices. Find your bottle of maple syrup online in a few clicks with Bigbasket.