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    Non alcoholic beverages are a great way to have fun responsibly. Suitable for all ages, non alcoholic beverages like non alcoholic wine and non alcoholic beer are a great way to unwind and relax after a tiring day. Non alcoholic beverages like fruit champagne also serves a great replacement for people who wish to drink but do not want to cause their body any harm. You can also buy fruit beer online on BigBasket like ginger beer and have a totally sober party. There are several major brands that produce fruit beer in India available on BigBasket like Coolberg and Bavaria non alcoholic beer to choose from. The ingredients in the fruit beer online like Ginger beer has Water, Sugar, apple Juice ( 10%) Co2 Acidulant. Fruit champagne on the other hand has ingredients such as Grape Juice from concentrate, Carbon dioxide, acidulant, Citric acid 100% Juice. These ingredients make non alcoholic beverages a perfect substitute for teetotallers and fitness enthusiasts who are worried about having a beer belly from consuming too much beer. The safe ingredients also make it perfect to have at a party where there are kids involved. The fruit wine price or fruit beer price varies from brand to brand on BigBasket. Additionally, the fruit beer online may also come with discounts and offers that happen all year round. You can also check the nutritional value on all these non alcoholic beverages by clicking on the product description of individual non alcoholic beverages. Apart from the great variety and flavours to choose from BigBasket, get the non-alcoholic version of all your favourite alcoholic beverages. Also, if you are planning an impromptu party or get-together, you need non alcoholic beverages like fruit beer or fruit wine to make sure all your guests have a wonderful time. And, the best part fruit beer does not have as many calories as regular beer so you can drink away and satisfy those urges for some bubbly. There aren’t any known side-effects to drinking fruit champagne even for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers but always consult with a doctor before. With bigBasket, you can easily add your non alcoholic drinks to your cart and pay for them using a number of options. Choose standard or express delivery to get your order the very same day, which is great if you plan on having a laid-back Friday night with your family and friends.