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    A drink is a liquid intended for human consumption. In addition to their basic function of satisfying thirst, drinks play important roles in human culture. To quench your thirst not only for water but also for tea, chocolate drinks, milk or anything else, we offer you our wide range of drinks-beverages like sparkling water, milo drink, your kid’s favorite milo chocolate drinks, tea monk, for a fitness freak milo energy drink, milo green tea and so many other beverages. Nestle milo is a delicious family favourite milo energy drink offers essential vitamins and minerals to meet the demands of little bodies and minds! Milo has many nutritional benefits such as Iron to carry oxygen to the body's cells. Vitamin A for healthy eyesight. As compared to other drinks milo drinks have a number of benefits, milo drinks benefits are such as calcium and vitamin D for strong bones. Iron that helps carry oxygen around the body, Vitamin B to help the body unlock and use energy, Vitamin C to help support healthy immune function. Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. These include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits. Nowadays kids hate to have healthy foods which are basically not so good at the taste and that leads to their weakness, a low immune system which becomes a barrier in their growth. Milo drinks not only help in increasing their growth and immune system but also delicious in taste so that kids can't resist themselves without drinking it. Hey! Don't rush towards offline stores when you can get the same while sitting at home at a great price on Bigbasket. We are the platform where you can easily buy grocery, fresh and at the best price. Here, we've also taken care of your kids’ choices and their needs and requirement for better growth. We also have sparkling water of the best quality that will suit your routine. The good news is, there's absolutely no evidence that drinking carbonated water has any effect on your calcium levels. For comparison, soda was found to be about 100 times more damaging to teeth than simple sparkling water. On Bigbasket, sparkling water bottle price is comparatively less than offline stores. We aim to deliver your ordered goods on time, in the right place and up to the level of your expectations because your satisfaction is what we try to fulfil. Our wide range of products will always leave you with great choices so that you don't have to look for another platform. Then why to disturb your own schedule for buying items from offline stores which not even give you assurance, when you can be assured on Bigbasket and can place orders without disturbing your routine. So, hurry up! Select your favourite drinks, add them to cart, place your order and there you go!