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    No matter our age, whenever someone comes home from overseas or even metropolitan cities, we eagerly wait for them to open their luggage and take out that special box that contains loads of sweetness. Any guesses what are we talking about? You got it right, CHOCOLATES!! We have all grown up eating chocolates; kids are still hooked on to chocolates and the elderly – well, they too manage to steal a bite or two.

    Chocolates are those forever cravings that can change our mood at any point in the day. Be it a child or an adult, a woman or man - irrespective of existing cavities, we pledge to brush twice if that’s what we need to do to gorge on these delicious bites. We start with the ‘nukkadwala’ shops for sure, but the more we know of the world, the more we get tempted by international brands of chocolates. And bigbasket, knowing you well by now, has brought together all your favourites together at one place. So what are you waiting for? Log on already and place an order to fulfil those sweet cravings and ensure you have a mood lifter with you always!

    Range of International Chocolates

    Be ready to be amazed by a wide range of international chocolates, along with some local favourites, all in one place - your very own bigbasket. It’s time to stock up your fridge with these and give them away for brownie points with friends and family! One chocolate is never enough, isn’t it? We bring to you over 25 international brands of chocolates from 13 countries across the globe. Whether you have a weak spot for milk chocolate, hazelnut, coated nuts or dark chocolate, we have them all.

    If you want to treat yourself or celebrate an occasion with friends and family, these chocolates are all you need. We have brands like Cadbury, Lindt, Bounty, El Almendro, Ferrero, Heidi, M&M’S, Skittles, Twix, and many more. Lindt is an international favourite that has become immensely popular in India as well. We bring you the Excellence range in Lindt with Excellence Bar in Dark Chocolate, Sea salt, and Black currant flavours. The Lindt Swiss Chocolate range has in store for you Classic Milk, Dark Surfin, Extra Dark, Hazelnut, and Roasted almonds flavours.

    Which Chocolate Should You Go For?

    While having all the chocolates might be a fantasy dream come true, it makes it more difficult to choose. Read on to know what might go with your taste buds. Looking for some Belgian Choco? Try Zevic Premium’s Gourmet coffee and Zesty Orange flavour, skilfully blended with Belgian Cocoa. A healthy indulgence for the health-conscious with natural zero calorie sweetness of the Zevia plant.

    If you are looking to gift someone chocolates, check out the Lindberg assorted gift box containing 12 of their most exotic varieties including roasted almond, hazelnut, fruit & nut, blueberry, coffee, pure milk, cranberry, salted caramel, white chocolate & chilli hearts, orange filled milk chocolate, 60% pure dark chocolate, and the most intense 70% pure dark chocolate. These scrumptious morsels of luxury are ideal for gifting some sweet indulgence to your loved ones.

    For little giveaways, check out the Ferrero value packs, these are crisp and delicious mouth-watering chocolate bars with a wafer biscuit taste. Snickers and Twix belong in the same crispy wafer-like chocolate family as well. For a little twist in your chocolate, try Bounty, a delicious combination of the classic coconut and chocolate. It has a thick chocolate layer on the outside that melts in the mouth, and there is a sudden burst of this smooth, creamy flavour of rich coconut!

    If you love a hint of almond or hazelnut in your chocolates, your go-to brands are El Almendro, Didier & Frank, and Ritter Sport. For lovers of that bittersweet and dark chocolate taste, Heidi and Schogetten need to be added to your shopping cart. If you are looking for a smooth chocolaty taste, Cadbury and Galaxy come to your rescue. For those tiny blasts of chocolates, of course, everyone’s favourite, some M&M’s, Skittles, and Darling Candy are the forever solution. Last but not least - if milk chocolate is what you seek, Tango is all you need.

    Chocolate Cookbook

    If the chocolate-lover in you is up for some experimenting, try out these recipes and pamper yourself. Choco-Nut Fudge Bombs is a simple fudgy, nutty, chocolaty, dessert recipe that melts in your mouth. All you do is break down your dark chocolate bar into smaller pieces and follow the recipe from bigbasket’s cookbook. Similar recipes are the Dark Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Walnut Fudge, very popular among kids and adults, and easy to prepare.

    A lip-smacking snack is next, the cheesy-chocolate sandwich. For this yummy sandwich, melt a dark chocolate bar with some butter, spread some cheese spread on the bread, add slices of apple or bananas, crushed almonds/walnuts on the bread for some fruity, nutty taste, let the melted chocolate flow and settle on this delicious snack and enjoy. This preparation, in fact, is a good source of energy.

    Why Choose bigbasket?

    At bigbasket, we follow stringent packaging methods to make sure that the health benefits and nutrient content of our products are not diminished in the process of being packed or delivered. We bring you the best deals online with new discounts, value packs, and much more. Just place your order and wait for us as we prepare to deliver all you need. We are here to help you shop smart and ensure your convenience along the way. Go ahead and purchase in bulk and keep your refrigerator stocked with these delightful gooey bites, without having to stand in long billing queues. It’s time to shop online for some lip-smacking delights.

    Delivering across 26 major Indian cities, bigbasket makes it easier for you to choose from the widest range of chocolates, local and international, without having to step out of your home. Choose a delivery time that suits your schedule and have your favourite chocolates delivered right to your doorstep.