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    Widely available in the markets of India, green veggies like gourd, green pumpkin and drumstick can now be bought online at Big Basket. Com. There are many health benefits that are obtained by the consumption of these vegetables.No cooking is complete without its vegetables. Gourd vegetables are crop plants and the most popular ones are pointed gourd, pumpkin, squashes and drumsticks. Though they are low in nutritional value, they have several other health benefits. For example: Bitter gourd is known to increase one’s metabolism of pancreatic cells which are said to be beneficial to diabetic patients. They are most commonly used in dishes and made into snacks for their unique taste. Being crop plants, these vegetables are grown in soil. With the growing trends, soils are being fertilised and sprayed with pesticides to look fresh. Thus, you need to ensure that you are buying from a reliable and trust worthy vendor or farm. You can now shop for all your gourd fruits, roast pumpkins and drumsticks online on bigbaskets online store. Our products are sourced from top quality vendors and directly fresh from the farms. Fresho is our most common vendor that provides us with organic and fresh fruits and vegetables. The gourd fruits they supply are organically produced and are in their freshest form when they arrive at our store. We ensure that the vegetables and fruits are delivered in fresh state to our customers place and ready to be used. Apart from the pumpkin farm fruit, you can also find avocado while shopping online with us. Green pumpkin and other varieties can be found on bigbasket. The seeds of gourd vegetables are also said to have some nutritional value and are used in making some snacks or having them just as they are. Pumpkin seeds are growing to be popular in the health industry for the same. When you are shopping for drumstick online on bigbasket, you can expect great drumstick prices as compared to the market prices. The same goes for pumpkin prices and all gourd vegetables on our site. When you buy drumstick or any other vegetable on bigbasket, look out for great deals, offers and value packs. You can buy drumstick price per kg for a much better rate while shopping online with us. We take the quality and produce of our gourd vegetables very seriously and only offer high quality products. Complete your entire grocery shopping on our online store and have it delivered to your house. You no more need to step out to the grocery store for your kitchen needs. Enjoy fresher products, comfortable shopping and quick delivery while shopping on bigbasket.

    Types of Gourds in India

    1. Ash Gourd- A spherical gourd fruit with a waxy coating that can be preserved even during the winters and savoured as delicacy when cooked. 2. Bitter Gourd- Known for its anti-malarial properties, the bitter gourd has a bitter taste along with a ridged and corrugated green surface 3. Bottle Gourd- Available in various shapes and sizes, the most common of which is the bottle shaped version that tapers at the top, this vegetable has a milky white flesh and can be consumed as a juice as well. 4. Kantola (Spiny Gourd)- Identifiable a from its spiny surface, these small gourds are consumed all over India in the form of a fried preparation. 5. Ridge Gourd- The ridge gourd is a long and thin variety of gourd that has ridged stripes all over it’s surface and is used all over India in various mouth-watering recipes. 6. Pointed Gourd (Parval)- Almost a staple, that is cooked atleast once a week in many house of India, the pointed gourd are small striped green vegetable with a seedy flesh and is used in curries or fries that can be eaten with rice. 7. Snake Gourd- Growing to almost 6 feet in length if left on the trees, the snake gourd is an important vegetable in Southern India. 8. Apple Gourd- Small and round in shape, these gourds are natively grown in India and used for making a variety of dishes.

    Health Benefits of Gourds

    • Reduces inflammation in different parts of the body as it contains omega-3 fatty acids. • Strengthens the immune system with power anti-oxidants • Protects vision of the eyes as it is rich in Vitamin A • Helps in the digestion of food since it has a high fibre content • Minerals like copper and iron in gourd improve the circulation of blood in the body.

    Types of Pumpkins in India

    1. Butternut Squash- Defined by a sweet flavour, the butternut squash is an important ingredient in the preparation of soups and risottos. 2. Kabocha Squash- A tender variety that is most readily available, the Kabocha squash can be used to make curries that have a sweet and sour taste. The fleshy interiors can be used to make pumpkin roast as well. 3. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin- Growing quite big in size, these pumpkins are one of the oldest varieties of pumpkins to be used as food.

    Health Benefits of Pumpkins:

    • Reduces the risk of Chronic diseases as it has high Anti-oxidant content. • Rich in Vitamins that boost immunity. • A low-calorie count helps in weight loss • Fibre rich composition helps in digestion • Presence of carotenoids improves skin health

    Types of Drumsticks in India

    1. Dwarf Drumsticks- Small stems from stout seeds. 2. Semi-Dwarf Drumsticks- A longer and thinner version used in making sambhar or other curries.

    Health Benefits of Drumsticks:

    • Reduces blood sugar levels • Strengthens the bones a it has high amount of calcium and iron • Blood purifying properties streamline the flow and circulation • Anti-inflamatory properties help fight respiratory diesases • Boosts the health of the immune system. So, go to the big basket website and get all gourd vegetables and drumsticks online to lead a healthy life.