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    In general vegetables are nothing but parts of the plants that are eaten. There are over 20000 different types of species of plants that are estimated to be edible. Vegetables are a popular type of food worldwide due to its rich nutritional benefits. A healthy diet should constitute more vegetables in every meal.A paradigm shift in the shopping behaviour of consumers is the result of technological advancements fuelled by the “World Wide Web”. One such notable advancement is bigbasket which has steadily risen to become the most sought after online grocery store opening up a volley of shopping options to online shoppers. Enlisting more than 18000 products of various brands, these very many product lines offering solutions in the form of wide choices to patrons. Strengthening their online shopping experience in more ways than one, in addition to bestowing convenience with home delivery, bigbasket has the support of its far-reaching delivery network covering more than 25 major cities in India.

    Nutrients in cucumber

    We all know that cucumbers are a good source of healthy nutrients vital for our body and let us know more benefits of eating cucumbers. • Cucumbers are quite low in calories and are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium and potassium. • Cucumbers are loaded with water content. They roughly have 96% water. • Cucumbers keep you young and help you have glowing skin as they are rich in anti-oxidants.

    Freshness of Salad Veggies

    If you relish the freshness and rawness of a green salad as a breakfast item, then you can easily order cucumber and various types of capsicum via bigbasket. Loaded with nutrients, these low-calorie healthy alternatives bestow benefits to you once they are consumed fresh. bigbasket which thrusts a great deal of importance in the upkeep of freshness of these salad veggies offers hybrid capsicum and English cucumber, both of which can be enjoyed in their raw form. Different variants of cucumbers like burpless cucumber, white cucumber, English cucumber and regular cucumbers are available online. You can compare their prices and choose the best one in a few clicks with Bigbasket

    Packaging Preserves the Quality of Veggies

    Packaging is of paramount importance when it concerns the delivery of fruits and vegetables which are susceptible to spoilage and damage due to bad handling. Avoiding all such instances, bigbasket offers fresh veggies like yellow capsicum and red capsicum in damage-free, easy to store packaging. English cucumber and bell pepper which come as a tasty and healthy accompaniments to any salad are also offered as cut veggies offering to save you the time and energy of cutting them into uniform sizes. Capsicum, the pepper has many variants based on its colour. They are also known as sweet peppers, Let us know more about them: 1. Red peppers: These are also renowned as sweet peppers as they have less grassy taste and more sweetness than its counterparts. Red capsicum makes a great addition to salads as they are crunchy and sweet. A medium-size red pepper contains 169% of recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C and makes it a nutrient-rich vegetable. It is also loaded with beta-carotene which gives you powers up your antioxidant levels. 2. Yellow peppers: Yellow capsicum is mildly sweeter and retains its hue even when cooked making the dish more colourful. Apart from vitamin A and C yellow peppers have niacin which is essential for the proper functioning of the nerves and digestive system. 3. Green peppers: The most commonly used type of peppers are green capsicum. Green capsicum are less expensive compared to red and yellow capsicum in the markets. They are more crunchy and can be used in different types of curries and rice savouries. Stuffed green capsicum is a favourite for many as healthy paneer, potato or meat can be stuffed inside a whole green capsicum and cooked until juicy. Cucumbers belong to gourd family and are widely cultivated across the globe. Cucumbers are mostly associated with vegetables whereas they are actually fruits. Cucumbers are loved by everyone as they keep our body hydrated and gives us healthy looking skin.

    Two distinct varieties of cucumbers

    Slicing cucumbers: These are the most popular choice of consumers for using in salads and are easily available in supermarkets. Slicing cucumbers have glossy dark-green skin, the glossiness is because these cucumbers are waxed for a longer shelf-life after they are harvested. These type of cucumbers are generally long between 6 to 8 inches. These cucumber varieties have non-bitter skin and are commonly used for fresh eating. Lemon cucumbers have pale-lemony skin hence they are also called yellow cucumbers which can be enjoyed raw. Pickling cucumbers: Pickling cucumbers are not generally found in supermarkets but are easily available at the local markets. Gherkin is a well-known form of pickling cucumbers which is shorter than regular slicing cucumbers.

    Churn Out Delicacies with Branded Veggies

    If you are in a mood to bite into a rich and wholesome veg pizza, you can easily choose the bell pepper pizza along with many other accompaniments. bigbasket which offers fruits and vegetables tagged under its proprietary Fresho brand name offers Fresho cucumber in addition to cucumber kakdi and Coccinia; both of which can be sourced in their cut form to prepare delicacies. Apart from this brand, health promoting brands like Dabur, Nestle and Amul come in as perfect choices for households to consume healthy products.