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    Flower bouquets are the collection of different types of flowers arranged in a creative and attractive manner. A flower bouquet when placed in the drawing room or in any of the public place or given as a gift, brings in the positive vibes. Marigold flowers are available in yellow, orange or in red colours. When arranged beautifully in a bunch of bouquets it is heart-warming. Nothing speaks of love so much as a beautifully adorned bouquet of rose flowers. As we all know, lavishing bouquet of roses is a sign of love and affection. People usually gift it to their wives or girlfriends. This is a sweet smelling way of expressing your affection towards your loved ones. We at Bigbasket always try to make your life easier and now you can even purchase the bouquets or bunches of different types of flowers from our site. Freshly picked and arranged flowers will be delivered at your doorstep. Lavender flowers are known for bringing peace and warmth to the environment. These are great to be gifted and also have a sense of elegance. Petunia flowers are of South American origin and are extensively beautiful and are not so easily available in the flower bouquet shops. You can easily choose an online bouquet from our website, Bigbasket. We deliver the fresh flowers through our properly functioned flower bouquet online delivery services. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is not simply a bunch of florals, it brings along various vibes and symbolism. The bouquet carried by a bride in accordance with a myth called Golden Apple of Discord. The tossing of this bouquet has a mythical and traditional importance. The shapes of such bouquets change according to the time. Flowers can easily lift up your mood and can bring in the sense of happiness and warmth. Therefore, these are usually gifted to the people you love. Ordering flowers online are also possible now and it is a lot easier. We at Bigbasket provide you with the top quality products. You can order a flower bouquet online for your beloved from our site. The prices are also very affordable as compared to what you pay to a florist. The most common type of bunch ordered from our site is the rose flower bouquet. So, hurry and order your favourite bouquet of your favourite flowers arranged according to you, only from our website, Bigbasket.