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    Buy Exotic Vegetables like Apsaragus, Mushroom, Lettuce, Celery, Sweet Corn, Aloe Vera Online at Best Price

    If there is one thing common to households in India, it is the love for food and the craving for exotic meals every day. Although you might not go out every day for a meal, remember the fulfilling feeling you get when you eat out at a fancy restaurant? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get the same feeling when you eat home-cooked meals? Imagine if you ate all those exotic curries and preparations in the comfort of your home! It sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Well, bigbasket is all set to bring these exotic veggies home to you.

    All you need to do is open our app or website and browse through our catalogue of a variety of exotic vegetables. Then, select the exotic ingredients for both main courses as well as garnishing, place your order, and then sit back and relax as we prepare to deliver all that you ordered to your doorstep. Stock up your kitchen storage with the most delicious, fresh exotic vegetables and get ready for a daily dose of exotic food. We aren’t just helping you choose the ingredients, but also helping you cook some exotic recipes, feel free to look up our cookbook and decide what recipe will lift your spirits today!

    Whether it is baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow zucchini, grade-A sweet corn or celery, bigbasket’s list of exotic veggies is one you cannot miss. These veggies are both healthy and delicious. They leave you with a lingering, yummy taste in your mouth.

    Variety in store for you

    Be ready to witness a whole new world of bigbasket’s organic vegetables, from none other than the beloved brand Fresho. We bring to you Button Mushrooms, White Cucumber, Broccoli, Iceberg Lettuce, Simpson Lettuce, Asparagus, Nutri-lock Floret Broccoli, Lemongrass, Parsley leaves, Lollo Rossa Lettuce, and a lot more.

    There is a whole variety within the Lettuce family itself. Lollo Rossa is a gorgeous continental red lettuce with crunchy frilly leaves widely used in salad recipes mixed with other vegetables and lettuce varieties. Romaine lettuce has long, deep green leaves with a crispy texture and is a good choice for salads, as a garnish, and in snacks like burgers and sandwiches. Simpson Lettuce has light-green leaves, which are juicy and suitable for salads.

    Fresho’s Thai Mix contains turkey berry, red chillies, sweet basil, and ginger. It provides a sweet flavour and taste to dishes and can be used to make a variety of dishes, soups and non-veg items. Leek is a lengthy bundle of leafy sheaths, crunchy and firm in its raw state with a mild, onion-like taste. The white base of the leaves just above the roots and the light green parts are the edible parts of the leek. You can add finely chopped leeks to salads and sliced leeks to your favourite omelette and frittata recipe. Peppery and zingy, the vibrant green rocket leaves have a strong and stark, spicy flavour. You can sauté them to reduce the spiciness. Broccolis serve as a healthy raw vegetable and can be added to salads, pasta, curries and rice. You can steam broccoli stalks, add some salt and oil and roast them for a nice crunchy flavour.

    Moving on to the main course, order up some Fresho baby carrots, yellow/green Zucchini, lotus-stem and Amaranthus, and treat your family and yourself to an exotic dinner. In addition to exotic veggies for salads, garnishing, and curries, we also have some exotic chillies like Picador Green Chilli and Thai Bird Red Chilli.

    Benefits of Exotic Veggies

    Our veggies are not just about the taste but also take care of your health. Ensure a regular intake of these veggies and see yourself glowing and becoming more fit. Rocket leaves help with detoxification, promote bone health, and are an excellent source of fibre and vitamins A and C. Broccoli prevents cancer, reduces cholesterol and helps maintain bone and heart health. Broccoli is also good for skin, eyes, and acts as an anti-ageing factor.

    Leeks help regulate intestinal function due to their high fibre content. Leek juice is useful for treating arthritis and gout. Amaranthus helps relieve a wide variety of oral problems like mouth ulcers, sore throat, bad breath and swollen gums. The leaves are also an effective measure against hair loss, skin problems and premature greying.

    The bigbasket Cookbook: By you, For you

    bigbasket isn’t just about showcasing and delivering exotic veggies. bigbasket is here to make sure you have a good experience with the veggies by helping you with some delicious, easy-to-make recipes. If you are trying to decide what to cook tonight, check out some recipes like Cheesy Broccoli Soup with Cheesy Garlic Bread, a delectable combination of cheesy broccoli soup and garlic bread that makes you taste heaven on earth as the Kraft cheese melts in your mouth.

    Treat yourself to Spinach Dosa and enjoy the wholesomeness of Fresho spinach and Fresho dosa batter. Fresho Ghee Roast Munchy Mushroom Roll is protein-rich button mushroom packaged inside a ghee roast dosa. The tantalising aroma of the mushrooms and the delicious flavour of the ghee roast make the dish special and one of our favourites. Check out our recipe book for many more such delicious recipes.

    Why Choose bigbasket

    At bigbasket, using safe and hygienic packaging methods, we ensure that the health benefits of our products are intact through the process of packaging and delivering. We offer you the best deals online for groceries and deliver right at your doorstep. We are here at your convenience to help you shop smart. Go ahead and purchase in bulk, keep your kitchen stocked for the entire month, no need to stand in queues anymore. It’s time to shop instead of patiently waiting.

    Delivering across 26 major Indian cities, we make it easier for you to source the best as well as fresh, exotic fruits and vegetables without having to step out of your home. Choose a delivery time that is convenient for you and have your grocery list delivered right to your doorstep.