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    Spices are quintessential to good food. Indian food is totally incomplete without at least turmeric powder. That characteristic yellow colour in most food comes from the beloved turmeric powder. The benefits of turmeric powder are very well-known. Turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for arthritis patients. Turmeric powder can also help with cancer prevention. Better digestion, immunity booster and liver detoxifier are also some of the benefits of turmeric powder. Love spicy food? Use red chilli powder. Depending on the quantity of the red chilli powder, it can range from mild to very spicy. Apart from lending spiciness to food, red chilli powder can also help you cut your baby fat. The capsaicin compound can give you a metabolism boost. Red chilli powder can also help you build better immunity because it contains Vitamin C. Cooking in the south is not complete without a little bit of coconut powder. Coconut powder can be added to almost everything. Coconut powder also has a lot of benefits like helping you lose weight, improving heart health, managing blood sugar and diabetes. The most basic of spices is pepper powder that can be sprinkled over salads and omelettes. Pepper powder also has a ton of benefits. Just like turmeric powder, even pepper powder can help you combat cancer. It helps in digestion and constipation. Pepper powder can also be very useful in treating skin problems. Asafoetida powder or hing has a very strong smell and is routinely used in cooking. There are many benefits of adding Asafoetida powder to your food. Asafoetida powder is said to be a major cure for all stomach issues. The asafoetida powder is known as an anti-ageing spice and can even help with menstrual problems. You can quickly check out the turmeric powder price or coriander powder price along with other spice powder on bigbasket. bigbasket has a huge collection of powdered spices making it extremely easy for you to use. Instead of buying whole spices and going through all that trouble to grind them, you can just buy these easy-to-use powders and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

    Powdered Spices

    Spices form an intrinsic part of our food and lives. Not only do the varied spices enhance the flavour of the dish but also add lots of nutritional benefits to them. According to Ayurveda, spices have great healing power and each dosha (vatta, pitta and kapha) can be balanced with the help of different spices. Spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander powder, fennel, mint, asafoetida hing, black pepper powder, dried ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne kindle our ‘Agni’ or digestive fire that enhances the digestion and metabolism and prevents varied digestive disorders like gas and bloating. The use of spices also clears ‘ama’ from the body that is responsible for varied health issues like joint discomfort, post-lunch fatigue, bad breath and body odour. Earlier one had to grind the varied spices before they could add it to their food. Fortunately, today we have varied spice powder, which can be said to be a product of convenience that helps in preparing delightful food without much hassle. Among all the spices, turmeric powder is one of the most powerful spice and has rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with a good amount of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and phytochemicals. Some of the many benefits of turmeric powder are – it boosts immunity, protects against illness and diseases, destroys chronic disease cells within the brain and body, boosts the healthy functioning of cells, tissues and organs, cleanses the blood, regulates blood sugar and much more. What’s even more exciting is the turmeric powder price. Turmeric powders are quite cheap and come in convenient packs of 100 gm and 200 gm. People all across the world are now opening up to the immense health benefits of turmeric powder and have started to include them in their diet. And a typical example of this is the new it drink ‘turmeric latte’. Another important Indian spice that characterises our food and cuisine is the red chilli powder. This fiery spice helps in boosting immunity, maintains good eyesight, fights free radicals, detoxifies the internal system, acts as a pain reliever, boosts metabolism and lowers the inflammation in the lungs. You can find the whole bunch of whole spices and spice powder at bigbasket. Bigbasket offers an extensive range of powdered spices of various different brands. Bigbasket also offers attractive discounts on powdered spices of several brands, browse through our extensive range of masalas – spices and buy online. Along with the various spices, you can also find varied seasoning mix, coconut powder, cooking soda and five spice powders at bigbasket that too at attractive prices. Buy your spices online from bigbasket and save money on them along with having them delivered to your doorstep.