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    Be it for Christmas or Thanksgiving, your special food spread is complete with yummy turkey meat. Turkey is a staple food for many occasions all around the year. The largest producer of Turkey is The United States, and you can buy turkey online in India at Bigbasket. However, turkey meat price in India is high than that of chicken meat due to its nutritional benefits like low fat and more protein. Turkey meat online is available in the form of dark meat, white meat, ground turkey and turkey sausages. The typical white meat and dark meat do not really have a distinct texture or flavour from each other. White meat: The breast part of the turkey meat compounds the white meat and can be used with skin or without skin for cooking. Dark meat: Turkey bird meat price is low for dark meat as the parts like drumstick, thighs and wings are considered as dark meat. Removing the skin of turkey eliminates the fat content by one third and makes it a healthier choice for people who are looking to lose weight. Ground meat: Ground frozen turkey has two variants like regular ground turkey which is a combination of white and dark meat with high fat and calories than a ground turkey breast. All these ground variants of turkey meats are available fresh as well as frozen in online meat stores which has competitive turkey bird meat price in India. Sausages: Fresh turkey sausages are free from pork meat as they are enclosed in a vegetable cellulose. Ground turkey meat is used to prepare sausages with different types of seasoning. Remove the casings before cooking and crumble the sausages for better taste and flavour. Birds are a popular choice of meat across the globe due to its lesser fat content than red meat. Find below the health benefits of consuming turkey: • Turkey meat is rich in lean protein and helps you maintain your weight. So, it will be a good choice if you add turkey meat in your meal if you do not want to put on weight. • Turkey meat is loaded with phosphorus and vitamin B12 which are essential for the production of energy and healthy nerve cells respectively. Though turkey has immense health benefits overeating of any meat can be harmful to health leading to indigestion and increasing the risk of heart diseases. So, take a single serving of turkey meat preferably without skin during occasions. Avoid butter while roasting turkey meat and opt for white meat instead of dark meat. To avoid visiting your meat market which has a nasty smell to get turkey meat, buy turkey online and get away from the inconvenience.Bright up your get-togethers with a treat of turkey meat ordered online and delivered right at your door-step. Follow healthy eating and regular exercise for a fit and healthy body. As you have discovered the various types of turkey meat to have, find them online at the best prices.