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    Confused whether you get better poultry in the air-conditioned supermarket or at the local market in your area? Here is a better option for you. Order your chicken from the comfort of your house through bigbasket’s online store now. Our poultry is brought to you by farm fresh brands that take utmost care of quality while supplying at nominal prices. Not only do we offer raw meat, but also ready to eat chicken products such as popcorn chicken and chicken nuggets. Chicken is the most common source of protein that is easily available to all non-vegetarians and is also the most preferred type of meat. On our online store, you can buy chicken in all kinds of forms. Chicken with skin or without,chicken sausages, minced chicken and many more. The chicken piece that you require is truly based on the dish you are going to make. Chicken breast is the most common piece brought by most people. Chicken drumsticks and chicken legs are also found in packs of different grams while shopping online with us. While looking at each part of the chicken that is edible, the popular chicken liver cannot be ignored from the list. Clean and fresh chicken liver packs are also available on bigbasket. Keeping in mind that not everyone has the time to go to the market and pick out the right meat for their meals, bigbasket has brought the poultry division conveniently to you. You can access this from anywhere. Buy from a range of chicken meat such as chicken breast or snacking options like chicken nuggets from our online store and have it delivered to your doorstep. Giving importance to the health of our customers, we only source our chicken from well-bred and trust-worthy sources such as Fresho! We ensure that our customers receive value for the money that they pay.


    Chicken is one of the healthiest meat and also one of the most popular meats in the world. Chicken meal, in fact, serves as a comfort food for a lot of many people. Not only is chicken meat quite flavourful but is also pretty inexpensive. Chicken price is comparatively quite low as compared to mutton and other meats. Chicken meat also has lots of health benefits to it, some of which include – it is a great source of protein, is good for the heart, contains rich amount of phosphorus, selenium and Niacin. Chicken meat also promotes eye health, prevents bone loss, essential for healthy tissue, is a natural anti-depressant and also boosts metabolism. In this age of digitalisation where everything and everyone is going online, you can also buy chicken online. The benefit of buying fresh chicken online is the convenience of fresh chicken home delivery service offered by the website. And when you can get your chicken order conveniently delivered at home through bigbasket’s online chicken delivery why stress yourself at the local butcher shop? Bigbasket swears by the quality and freshness of its products and as such when you order chicken online from bigbasket you are guaranteed to find only the freshest of fresh chicken online. Bigbasket has a number of quality checks in place so you can comfortably buy chicken meat online. Bigbasket offers all the different types of meat cuts right from the curry cut chicken, minced chicken, boneless chicken to chicken wings, chicken breasts and even whole chicken. At bigbasket, you can buy premium quality chicken meat of your choice at an attractive price. The prices of different cuts of chicken meat vary and so the chicken breast price differs from the boneless chicken price. Since chicken cost is quite inexpensive, why not have chicken dinner and order chicken items online and prepare a hearty chicken meal to enjoy with friends and family.


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