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    Chicken is something which most of us non veggies crave for. It' the most delicious savory one can prepare and yummy feast to your tummy, so make your lunch or dinner most delicious by cooking with our farm fresh chicken meat from bigbasket. You can buy chicken online in all of it' forms suitable for your cooking like chicken with skin, without skin, boneless, chicken minced meet suitable for kheema, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken drumstick and many more. Not just freshly cut chicken but also we provide you ready to eat chicken delicacies like chicken nuggets, chicken kebab, masala chilly chicken, etc. Yeah the names themselves are leaving you drooling is it? Then what are you waiting for, shop your favorite chicken online and get ready with the ingredients for cooking. Use this guide to learn about the types of meat in India, meat nutrition facts.

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    You will never be disappointed with quality as we have bought you most of the leading brands in India like Suguna chicken, Real goog, Yummiez, Keya, Quickee', and many more. The price is so reasonable that next time you won't try walking to a store and thus saving your quality time and effort. The ready to eat chickens are prepared, cooked and packed so nicely that they stay fresh, tasty, healthy and delicious for very long time. Some chicken varieties are directly to cook so you don't have to be prepared with any ingredients, just bring frozen chicken and fry in oil or bake in oven and your chicken feast is ready. They are very hygienic and bring colors to your boring breakfast or dinner.

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    Chicken, a staple in every non-vegetarians diet and every fitness enthusiasts go-to can now be bought online easily within seconds on BigBasket. You can order chicken online and choose what kind of chicken you want too. Not a fan of chicken pumped full of chemicals? Buy organic chicken instead. Don’t want to eat chicken right away? Get frozen chicken instead. Tired of being fooled at your local market with old chicken? Get fresh chicken on BigBasket. Don’t want to waste time picking out the bones from the chicken? Try the boneless chicken breast from BigBasket. Whatever kind of chicken you need, BigBasket has got you covered. Whether you’re making grilled chicken or chicken biryani tonight, you can get raw chicken online on BigBasket with the press of a button. Instead of wasting time searching for fresh chicken home delivery online, just BigBasket it. Frozen chicken or fresh chicken when cooked has several health benefits. Chicken soup for example is a great way to feel some relief from the common cold or sore throat. Being a lean meat, it is also better for the heart compared to heavier red meat. That is why it’s the go-to meal for people who are fitness freaks. The heavy dose of proteins in chicken helps people full for hours compared to eating other dishes. Order chicken online and also improve your immune system. The selenium in chicken is responsible for the betterment of the immune system. Chicken can also aid in weight loss, treat anaemia, and protect your eyesight. It also helps that chicken is really easy to cook. Worried about how much it’s going to cost? Don’t be! Order chicken online and avail of all the lucrative discounts and offers available and get free home delivery. The desi chicken price or chicken kg price is mentioned against each item and also how much discount you get when you purchase from BigBasket. It is always lower than the market price and you always get a good deal when you order chicken online. Have an impromptu dinner tonight but you have run out of chicken? Simply place your order now, check for express delivery and get non veg delivery the same day right at your doorstep. Shop for the kind of chicken you want, when you want. Stop wasting your searching for it and save money, time and effort by shopping on BigBasket.