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    Safety, trim, location of cut and grade all contribute to the quality of pork. With so many variables involved in determining the quality of pork meat , it becomes important to differentiate between good and bad meat. bigbasket offers one stop online supermarket for the best pork meat to its consumers. We provide fresh pork ribs with the perfect cuts that make your meal delicious and irresistible. We take care of your needs and make the pork cuts according to the planned method of cooking. The various cuts of pork are available under brands like Fresho to give the customers a wide variety to choose from. We take great pride in the consistency and flavour of the kind of pork the brands available at bigbasket provide. Use this guide to learn about the types of meat in India, meat nutrition facts.

    Pork Meat Store Near You/h2> Our brand products are hand cut by butchers who take pride and care in providing you quality cuts of pork meat . It takes many years of training to become one of our Quality Butchers. These products reflect passion for good food, and promise a great meal for you, your family, or guests. The ready to be cooked pork loin and pork ribs are the exquisite products of the brand. Pork loin with their own internal and external juices while cooking gives extra-tender, super-flavourful results. Say goodbye to dry, tough pork and prime yourself for delightful hand-selected fresh pork. This pork with a high degree of intramuscular fat comes with a 100% quality guarantee. So make your eating experience even more delightful with our meat products.


    There are two different type of people who live in planet, one who don’t eat pork due to religious prohibitions and other reasons and one who absolutely love their pork ribs, steaks and chops. Pork meat has falsely been accused of being unhealthy. If the right cuts of pork meat are eaten then it can be even healthier than chicken meat. Even the fat of the pork meat is quite healthy since it is mostly mono-unsaturated fats responsible for lowering LDL levels. Meat consumption is slowly witnessing a steady growth in India and so has the consumption of pork. Pork consumption in India is mainly concentrated in the north-eastern states, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Goa and Kerala and is mainly consumed by the Catholic community and a section of the Hindu population. However, slowly a lot of Indians have started experimenting with their food choices. The rise in demand of Chinese and Italian cuisine have made pork meat all the more popular among Indians. Pork is rich in varied essential vitamins, minerals and protein and is often touted as a good source of protein. Pork has a high amount of phosphorus, selenium, sodium, zinc, potassium and copper. Pork also contains rich amount of Vitamin – B6, Vitamin – B12, Thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin and Pantothenic Acid. All these pork meat nutrition profiles make it quite good for health. In fact, if you opt for the leaner pork cuts like tenderloin, pork legs, loin chops and sirloin chop are extremely healthy and quite lean, it is the bacon and fatty pork cuts that build up cholesterol if eaten in an uncontrolled fashion. Some of pork meat benefits are: pork meat helps in the growth and repair of muscles and nerve tissues, maintains the skin and health problems, maintains the proper functioning of the nervous system, boosts the production of red blood cells, enhances production of energy, helps in building strong bones and teeth, boosts the immune system and is great for eyes and mental health. Pork price in India is dependent upon the type of pork meat you are buying – fresh or processed meat like the hams, bacon and sausages. Pork meat is now also available online so you can buy your pack of bacon, hams, meatloaf or sausages conveniently sitting within the comfort of your home. The advantage of buying pork meat online at bigbasket is that you can compare different products get a good discount on them and also enjoy pork meat home delivery. So go ahead, plan that much-awaited party of the year, order your pork online and get that pork cutlet and pork steak started and see your guests lose themselves in the meaty goodness of pork.