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    Buy Fresh Lamb Online at bigbasket

    What could be more tempting than a hot plate of rogan josh or galauti kebab to relish on a cold winter’s day? But, as any cook true to his craft would know, that nothing can put you off more than poor quality mutton. The quality of mutton meat if not good, can ruin an entire dish. Hence, it is important to source your lamb meat from a trusted vendor like bigbasket. bigbasket, unlike other run-of-the-mill grocery websites, takes great pride in its quality products ranging from vegetables and chicken to fresh mutton. When you buy fresh mutton from bigbasket you are guaranteed freshness and superior quality meat. Furthermore, bigbasket offers goat meat in a range of variety from halal cut mutton to mince mutton and even frozen mutton. People looking for snacks can also get mutton popcorn, mutton Turkish seekh kebab, Italian mini meatballs made of goat meat, among other variety of frozen mutton items. The fresh lamb meat is sourced from our trusted meat vendors and many major brands are associated with us such as, The Butchery, Haringhata, Fresho, Eat Fresh and Chevon to name a few. So, why take the stress and go to a local butchery yourself, when we are here. Buy goat meat online from bigbasket and get guaranteed delivery the next day. Are you still thinking? Rush now and buy goat meat online at bigbasket and serve a fantastic mutton dish for your friends and family. You can just take care of preparing the mutton while we assure you with the quality and freshness of our lamb meat or goat meat. Look for the recipe, get all the preparations done and impress your guests with your amazing mutton dishes. If fresh mutton is not what you need, just browse through the range of frozen mutton products on bigbasket, stock up your freezer, and serve them with love to your guests or just enjoy them yourself.

    Buy Fresh Meat Online

    Stop searching for mutton shop near me, and buy all your fresh meat online on BigBasket. Instead of making the trip to a mutton shop, get fresh meat online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Lamb meat is not like other meat and needs to be extremely fresh and tender. A mutton shop may not provide you with the best cuts of the mutton goat and you may end up with a chewy and rough texture when you cook your meat. If you are looking for 100% halal meat, do not waste your time looking for mutton in a meat shop. BigBasket guarantees 100% halal meat when you shop for mutton online. Additionally, you can also get minced steak meat that will ease your cooking and require nominal prepping in the kitchen. If cutting mutton is not up your alley, simply order meat online and get to cooking. Remember to only cook the mutton goat for a couple of minutes to prevent a tough texture. Goat meat is considered red meat along with beef and bacon. But, it is very low in calories making it popular with fitness enthusiasts and people who are trying to lose weight. It also does not contain a lot of saturated fat or cholesterol compared to other steak meat. It contains a lot of iron and protein and is leaner when compared to beef or chicken. Hence, if you have a craving for red meat, goat meat is the way to go. Goat meat nutrition is also available on every single product listed. Simply click on the product to read the entire goat meat nutrition. Although red meat typically costs more than other kinds of meat like chicken, on BigBasket you can avail of the numerous discounts and offers. Mutton price is lower than what you would typically expect in a mutton shop. You can easily compare the mutton price of different brands on BigBasket. For instance, mutton price of Fresho for Biryani is Rs 295/- for 500 grams. Leg pieces of mutton is priced at Rs 325 and the shoulder pieces will cost you the same as biryani pieces. The mutton price for minced mutton is Rs 220 for a 250 grams pouch which comes vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness. If you need mutton meat at the earliest, choose the express delivery option on BigBasket and get it delivered to you the very same day.