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    Nothing spells party better than prawn and shrimp fritters. These two crustaceans are an important part of our seafood and people just can’t have enough of them. Quite often the term shrimp and prawn are used interchangeably but they are in fact two different kinds of sea animals. Both these crustaceans are different in their anatomy, but have a similar nutrition profile and almost similar taste and hence they are confused for each other. Prawns are larger in size, have larger legs with claws on three pairs, while shrimps are smaller than prawns in most cases and have claws on two pairs of their legs. Other than these anatomical difference, there really is nothing much to differentiate between these two creatures of the sea. Taste wise both are delicious and make for great finger foods. In India, the white Indian prawns or Indian shrimps are mainly consumed and is heavily fished in the coastal regions of the country. In fact, some of the best dishes prepared with these prawns or shrimp can be found in Mangalore and Odisha that boasts of offering some of the best seafood dishes. Besides the Indian white prawns, other types of sea prawns found in India include giant tiger prawn, green tiger prawn and yellow prawn. Apart from the Indian prawn varieties, one can also enjoy international prawns in India like the large edible prawns of Australia namely the King Prawn. These big prawns are even larger than the tiger prawns and are great in taste. Besides the raw prawns, you can also find a large variety of frozen prawns and frozen shrimps at your supermarket or online at bigbasket. Bigbasket offers a wide range of frozen and fresh shrimps and prawns online, so just browse through the seafood category and you can find all the different types of small prawns, big prawns, frozen prawns and shrimps. An advantage of buying your prawn shrimp online apart from the convenience of ordering is the attractive discounts you can find on them. Bigbasket offers varied exciting deals and discount for its customers and as such you get a better price than your local market prawn rate. The white prawn prices online cost Rs 399 for 1 kg on bigbasket, while the tiger prawn prices on bigbasket is Rs 1150 for 1 kg. Similarly, shrimp prices are Rs 100 for 250 gm on bigbasket. Both prawns and shrimp prices in India are on the expensive side yet you can always try your favourite shrimp food or prawn food every once in a while. So order your fresh or frozen prawns from bigbasket and satiate your seafood cravings.