Agarbatti, Incense Sticks

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    Prayer is an important part of everyday life for most households. And it is incomplete with an aarti that requires incense sticks or agarbatti. Agarbatti or scent sticks are made from a wide variety of natural materials such as Bamboo sticks, dust from wood and fragrant oils. Due to the fragrant oils, they are also known as scent sticks. Every agarbatti has a characteristic scent based on the oil used. There are many scents such as sandalwood, jasmine, rose that are commonly associated with incense sticks. There are many brands available on bigbasket that sell incense sticks. Cycle agarbatti, Mysore sandal agarbatti and Mangaldeep agarbatti can easily be purchased on bigbasket. There are also some value packs in incense sticks that offer three in one scent which means one packet contains three different types of agarbattis. Apart from being used for prayer in temples, agarbatti is most commonly found in almost every household that believes in prayer. These scent sticks can also be used to remove unpleasant odours inside the household. They are also thought to be helpful when it comes to driving away insects.You can aslo buy other pooja needs online There is also a lot of spiritual wisdom behind burning incense sticks but there is also a risk since incense sticks can be a fire hazard. Ensure that you do not leave the incense sticks unattended to or let young ones near a lit agarbatti. People also like lighting agarbatti when they are doing yoga. It helps to uplift the soul and fills the mind with peace and tranquillity. Burning incense sticks are also supposed to help purify thoughts. The right fragrance can do wonders for aromatherapy and help you relax. Whether you buy incense sticks for prayer, driving insects away or restore calmness, bigbasket has several options to choose from. Get your favourite smelling agarbattifrom bigbasket. Your order will be delivered the very same day at a time that is convenient for you.