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    One of the most important cleaning tools for your bathroom that helps you keep your toilet clean and smell free. Toilet cleaners are sprayed in the bowl just before cleaning it with a brush. It removes the stains and other debris that could not be washed down with water. However, the liquid isn’t the only form cleaners are available in, nowadays you can buy a regular bottle, clip one that works with every flush or a cleaner soap to be dissolved in the cistern tank.Harpic, probably the first name that comes to your mind when you think about toilet cleaners, was first launched in the 1920s in England and now it's all over the world. Harpic isn’t the only brand in this field if you are wondering, there are brands such as Domex toilet cleaner, Lysol and Clorox. Harpic also makes bathroom cleaning products such as brushes and wipes too. Domex, unlike Harpic and Clorox, comes at a lower price and uses an active green formula to take care of the harmful germs. Clorox is similar to domex as both of them have bleach as it’s the main ingredient. Toilet cleaners are water-based and contain ethoxylated alcohol as it’s the main cleaning agent, combined with fragrances that make it smell less toxic. Some cleaners have Hydrochloric acid as it’s cleaning agents too. It eliminates the disease-causing germs. Are you worried about your toilet giving out a foul smell and not being cleaned entirely? Worry no more. Your bathroom is exposed to maximum amount of bacteria and the bathroom cleaning products you use to clean it is of utmost importance. We understand the importance of this and offer some of the best brands of toilet cleaners on our online store. It is very vital to look into the ingredients of your toilet cleaner acid while buying it. It needs to be safe as well as have the properties of removing the bacteria it is exposed to. One of the best brand preferred by the majority when it comes to bathroom cleaning products is Harpic. You cannot go wrong with this choice. Harpic toilet cleaner, not only removes the toxins of your restroom but also leaves the place smelling pleasant. Another popular brand that you can find while shopping online at bigbasket is the Domex toilet cleaner. The Clorox toilet bowl cleaner is also a product that many people bought when they look out for toilet cleaners. Shop for your harpic bathroom cleaner online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your house. Be benefitted from some of the best deals and offers we have at bigbasket. You’ll love the discounts and value packs while shopping on our online store. You won’t have to go to the store to get your bathroom cleaning products anymore, choose from bigbasket’s online store from the comfort of your house. Experience a clean toilet by using some of the best brands of toilet cleaners.

    Types of Toilet Cleaners:

    1. Cleaning the toilet is the most hated chore on the list, that is why you need a toilet cleaner to make your hard work easier and cleaner. These cleaner bottles come with bent neck design to make your job spraying it easy. Regular usage of toilet cleaner acid helps In preventing the build-up of stains and makes your toilet look white at all times. 2. Liquid bottles are suitable for Indian bathrooms and clip-on are easy options for commodes. Domex, a well-known brand among Indians is bleach based and also makes some house cleaning products as well, like floor cleaning disinfectants and toilet rim blocks, which are commonly known as clip on. Its toilet powder is very cheap and does the same job as a liquid. 3. Clorox toilet bowl cleaner is another bleach product. This company started by producing bleach and later came up with toilet cleaning products. 4. Harpic, unlike Domex and Clorox, uses hydrochloric acid instead of bleach. Its thick liquid formula works like a charm and cleans your toilet and those stubborn stains. It makes your cleaning job less annoying and less frustrating, plus the quicker you get it done the better you feel. 5. Harpic is one of the best brands when it comes to toilet cleaning but you can go ahead and choose any of the those three as your personal preference. All of them are available at big basket starting just at Rs 80 a bottle of half litre volume. Buying your cleaner is another job but you won't have to get up to buy it. You can just order it from a Big Basket sitting on your couch. Big Basket delivers it right to your doorstep.