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    We have to agree that the fascinating concept of Tea Bags has made Tea making a lot easier. What started as a cost-cutting method by Thomas Sullivan, a tea merchant from New York, turned out to be the most amazing inventions of the 20th century. The Tea Bags were dropped directly into the water, and people were pleased with the ease and simplicity of brewing. It also avoided the mess and cleaning up afterwards. Following the popularity of this (accidental) Tea Bag, many started experimenting with the material used for the Tea bag with various fabrics such as cheesecloth, gauze, cellophane and perforated paper. Eventually, machine sewn paper fibre tea bags became popular.

    Making your own 'Cup of Tea' is a lot more convenient with the help of Tea Bags as it is less messy and easily disposable. Also, you can have tea while on the go. It is of greater advantage for the hotel industry as it saves a lot of time in making tea multiple times for the customers and also reducing wastage of Tea.

    Types of Tea Bags available in the market

    Catering to the market demand, teabags have evolved in the shapes, content and teabag material.  Lipton came out with 'flo-thru' teabags that were perfect for larger tea mugs. Tetley designed round teabags a well-received change from the regular rectangular and square teabags. Brooke Bond later introduced the silken pyramid teabags. These tea dips have good visual appeal and also have a lot of space for the tea leaves to expand, resulting in the perfect strong brew. Later on, for whole tea leaves, a different style of teabag called 'tea-socks' was launched. These larger bags have a lot of space for longer leaves and are filled manually.

    Filter paper is the most common material used for making teabags apart from muslin, cotton muslin, and food grade plastics. Silken teabags are also admired as tea leaves are visible through the material, and it is infused better. Teabags usually have a cotton string with the brand name tag attached.

    Nutritional information about Tea

    Amount Per 100 grams (Tea without sugar and milk of course):

    • Calories 1
    • Total fat 0 g
    • Cholesterol 0 mg
    • Sodium 4 mg
    • Potassium 18 mg
    • Total Carbohydrate 0.2 g
    • Protein 0.1 g
    • Caffeine 11 mg

    Health Benefits of Tea

    Tea confers tremendous health benefits as we all know. Especially green tea is nowadays accepted as having great benefits, and hence we get to see it more often in the market. Tea contains flavonoids which have strong antioxidant properties hence making it more beneficial. In addition to this, tea also contains caffeine but much lower than that in coffee. Catechin present in tea is shown to help prevent or reduce the incidence of cancer. Also, an antioxidant EGCG in the tea promotes fat burning and aids weight loss. Black and Green Teas contain relatively more vitamin C, D and K. Also present in tea are calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, nickel, and fluoride. A cup of tea contains almost no protein or fat.

    With immense health benefits ranging from boosting immunity to preventing cancer, you can never say no to a cup of tea anytime any day.

    Tea Recipes:

    Here we have some healthy tea recipes for you and your family. Try these recipes and enjoy your cup of tea with a difference.

    The Detox Tea: This refreshing green tea is to detox and cleanses your body. For the dieting you, this recipe can come in handy to take care of your hunger pangs.

    Serves 1, takes 6 minutes to prepare with just 4 ingredients.


    • 6 glasses of drinking water
    • 3pieces of Green Tea
    • 10- 12 Mint Leaves
    • 1 medium lemon


    • Pour six glasses of water in a big pan and boil it. Once it comes to boil, switch the gas off.
    • Put three sachets or 2 tbsp of green tea in it.
    • Cover it with lid for 5 minutes. Remove the plate and let it cool down,
    • Strain the tea to a big jar or bottle.
    • Add 10 to 12 well-cleaned mint leaves.
    • Cut the lemon into 4 slices and add the slices to the green tea jar.
    • Cover the jar with a lid. Keep it in the refrigerator and drink one glass each day.

    Chatpata Lemon Tea: This recipe is a Varanasi Tea recipe. With tangy lemon flavor in it, the tea tastes excellent and is very easy to prepare.

    Serves 4, gets prepared in just 5 minutes with just 5 ingredients.


    • 4 cup of water
    • 6 tsp sugar
    • 1 tsp tea
    • 2 medium-sized lemons
    • 4 pieces Hajmola


    • Boil water in a vessel, add sugar and tea. Now, allow it to boil for 2-3 minutes.
    • Strain and pour in cups, once done add hajmola, 1 in each cup (crush the tablet before adding it) and add the juice of half a lemon in each cup.
    • Serve it hot for better taste.

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