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    A smile is the best accessory that one can wear. And what makes one smile better than the other? Healthy, shiny and whiter pearl like teeth. Oral health is not just important for the way your teeth looks, but your body’s overall metabolism also depends on it. The basics of a good oral health is a quality tooth brush and tooth paste. We might not give much heed to the brand or quality of tooth brush that we use every day. However, it contributes as one of the most important factors to good oral health. You can now find an extensive range of tooth brushes from top brands online on bigbasket’s store. Some of the best brands that offer tooth brushes are Colgate toothbrush, Oral B toothbrush and Sensodyne toothbrush. The most important element of a tooth brush are its bristles. The bristles must be too hard to hurt your gums and cause bleeding, and must be too soft to not effectively clean your teeth as well. Some tooth brushes are also effective in cleaning the tongue and cheek walls for complete oral hygiene. Choosing the right type of tooth brush can go a long way in your oral health. Electric toothbrushes have become more and more popular in the oral hygiene market. These automatic toothbrushes deep cleanses your teeth and the little gaps in between giving you full oral coverage. Oral B electric brush is one of the most trusted brands for electric brush in India. Apart from them, you can also find kids tooth brush and power brushes in the market. Kids require brushes with softer bristles given their sensitive and milk teeths. These are soft brushes than the other. Colgate constantly comes up with newer products in the oral hygiene segment. The Colgate charcoal tooth brush is the new talk in the market and can now be found on bigbasket’s online store as well. Shop for your favorite tooth brush by just a few clicks on bigbasket and have them delivered to your doorstep anywhere across the country. We offer toothbrushes only from the best oral care experts giving you the comfort your teeth and gums need. Be it a soft brush, medium brush, hard brush, electric toothbrush, zig-zag or any other kind. Our platform offers them all. You not only save time and effort of going to a supermarket while shopping on bigbasket, but also money. Look out for amazing deals and offers while shopping online on our store. Our multi packs and value packs are great options to pick for your family. You are unlikely to find quality toothbrushes at such reasonable and nominal prices elsewhere in the market. Shop on bigbasket for all your grocery and household item needs.

    Healthy, shiny and whiter teeth are the key to a gorgeous smile. Even your body’s metabolism depends upon your oral health. A good oral heath cannot be retained without a good toothbrush. Bigbasket brings to you an extensive collection of toothbrushes from the best oral care brands across the globe. A toothbrush must not have too hard bristles that can damage the gums and cause bleeding. They also prove to be very effective in cleaning the tongue and cheek walls for complete oral hygiene. A lot of dental ailments can be avoided by selecting the right designed brushes that tend to the cleanliness of each and every part of the mouth. You can buy your favourite toothbrushes by just a few clicks from your home and get them delivered right at your doorsteps anywhere across India. You can buy electric toothbrush from our store that is designed by the best oral care experts to comfort your teeth and gums, and to reduce the manual effort while brushing. You can buy any toothbrush online like kids toothbrush, baby toothbrush, sensitive, zig-zag, soft, medium, 36 clean, triple clean, soft toothbrush and many more variety of toothbrushes at one place. Shopping for a toothbrush online not only saves your precious time but also helps you in saving money. All the branded toothbrushes are available at genuine and nominal price and also, buying online saves time and effort in today’s busy world.

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    To make your shopping easy at our store we provide toothbrush price and full specifications of the product. Get the best toothbrush price at our online store without compromising on the quality of toothbrushes. You can select and buy toothbrushes from the international brands like Colgate, Oral B, Pepsodent, Trisa, Johnson & Johnson and many more. Just browse through the unlimited list of toothbrushes and buy a toothbrush that is most suitable for you. Give your oral care the required toothbrush and let your healthy smile increase your face value all the more.