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    Maintenance of personal hygiene is really necessary, especially during your periods. However, the traditional pads or cloth are not so recommended because of the inconveniences and their uncomfortable behaviour. They bring about the uneasiness and the chances of infection are higher when using cloth. However, menstrual cups are free of these issues. The periodcup is mostly preferred due to their chemical free nature. These cups keep the very harmful toxic shock syndrome at bay due to the absence of chemicals. Women are highly concerned about their menstrual management methods and choices. The sanitarycups are designed in a way to collect the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it, and converting it to the highly toxic gel as in case of pads. These cups ensure a higher safety as the blood do not come in contact with any sort of chemical beaches or any fibres that could cause sensitivity or any sort of allergy. The long list of benefits has definitely increased the menstrualcup use across the world. Now we present to you, the menstrualcupsonline at our Bigbasket store. Reusablemenstrualcups save a lot of money, if they are maintained properly they can even be used again and again over a period of 10 years. They are a good support for reducing environmental waste as the traditional pads are meant for one-time usage. We always try to bring the best to our customers. You do not have to visit places to get the best menstrual cup in India, all you need to do is just visit our store. And we also ensure the best menstrual cup prices that you are likely to come across. Tampon cup is mainly composed of blends of rayon and cotton. They are usually very small in size and can be easily carried around. Menstrualtampons are really famous because of their ability to avoid leakage and staining of clothes. If you wish to stay active, all day, there can be nothing better than a tampon. They never inhibit your movement. They are sensation less that means even when you are using them, you don't have to pay any extra attention. Tampons in India is one of the most preferred feminine protection choices by the women. You can buy tampons online according to your own convenience as they are available in various sizes and absorbency. They are needed to be replaced only after a long period of 6-8 hours. The tampons usually make you free of the uneasy odour that you carry around during your menses. They provide you with so much freedom that you can easily visit a swimming pool without having embarrassed yourself. Bigbasket provides you with so many options to choose from and all you need to do is choose your menstrual cup or menstrual tampons, whichever suits you best.