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    Bread is a staple breakfast option in many families. Normally, bread contains gluten and people on weight-loss diets or with gluten intolerance do not prefer white bread. Brown bread, as it is normally called, is made of a significant amount of whole grain flour which is considered better for the body. If you like to take health and fitness one step further, you should buy Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel bread does not contain any added sugar which is what gives bread items that typical sweet flavour. Ezekiel bread is actually considered to be the healthiest bread available as it does not contain any gluten either making it perfect for someone who has a gluten intolerance. Another type of bread that is popular is multigrain bread. Multigrain bread contains whole wheat grains just like brown bread but contains several other grains apart from wheat. There are a lot of benefits if one consumes multigrain bread. Multigrain bread and brown bread both contain a lot of fibre. This aids in digestion and can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and even lose weight. Multigrain bread also helps one feel full and regulates blood sugar. Talking about bread is incomplete without mentioning bread crumbs. You can buy bread crumbs online or make your own. For a complete breakfast, bigbasket also has value packs that combine egg bread together. This egg bread combo is a great value for money and since the bread is usually brown bread or multigrain bread, it is healthy too. The brown bread price varies from vendor to vendor but you can get it at extremely competitive prices on bigbasket. bigbasket only carries fresh bread sourced from reputed companies and local bakeries. Once you place your order on the website or app, you can enjoy several offers and get your order delivered the same day at a time that is convenient to you.

    Brown Wheat Multigrain Bread

    Bread is a staple diet in most of the countries and in others, it is still a very popularized food item. Whether it is the very common and favourite egg bread or sandwiches, a pair of bread can always save you from skipping your breakfast for an important meeting. You can just throw in a slice of cheese, or layer it up with your choice of jelly and your sandwich is ready. Sandwiches are the most popular and favourite food items that involve bread. Not to doubt, you must have seen and had a lot of different types of bread by this time. Brown bread is a common type of bread used other than the white sandwich bread. Brown bread is considered much healthier than white bread as it contains whole wheat and thus, more fibre contents. It usually also contains darker ingredients such as molasses or coffee, to add to the value and the brown colour. Ezekiel bread, also known as sprouted bread has recently become very famous in the bread market. Wheat and multiple grains are soaked to form sprouts before being milled for the manufacture of Ezekiel bread. It is considered to be the healthiest form of breads available. It has much more fibre contents and proteins than that of white bread which on the other hand is manufactured from refined wheat flour. White bread is rich in carbohydrates and sugar contents which makes it practically unhealthy for regular consumption. The process of bread manufacturing is as complex as it gets. It involves selection of grains, soaking and milling them. Fermentation is an important aspect of bread manufacture. This is the process where the anti-nutrients in the grains are dissolved so as to make it fit for consumption. Anti-nutrients in grains otherwise could cause indigestion and other gastric problems in human beings. To choose the right type of bread for you and your family, from the breads bakery, could be a difficult task. But, here we are to ease your search for the right bread. Bigbasket brings you a variety of bread ranging from the very common brown bread to all the other type of bread items that you can possibly think of. Loaded with fibre, much-needed carbohydrates and proteins, we bring to you the multigrain bread. This not just satiates your hunger but also provides you with the daily nutrients that your body craves. Brown bread, while being the fast food of this generation also keeps in check a smooth bowel system. You can clearly see the uses of fibre in your bread for daily consumption. To up your snack game, you can order bread crumbs online from Bigbasket and be assured of the quality. That is not the end, we also have the much-needed bread slicer to make your morning routine easier. All this delivered right at your doorstep. Do not forget the discounts and offers that we have, just for you. Why go hunting for bread when you can order it online from Bigbasket with just a couple of clicks? Order now and enjoy your daily bread.