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    The right nourishment for babies is extremely important. It impacts their growth and development for years to come. You should only give your baby healthy baby food and ensure that they get all the nutrients they need to grow. Typically baby first food differs from 2 years baby’s food. This is because new-borns have no teeth and survive purely on breast milk or baby formula. After the initial month’s rice gruel, mashed fruits and other semi-solid foods can be given to the baby. If breast milk is not an option, the baby first food should be baby formula. Baby formula contains all the nutrition that breast milk generally contains and is a good option if you want to feed your baby when you’re out and about. There are many brands that contain the most important nutrients like Lactoferrin that is found in breast milk primarily. For toddlers, there are some baby finger foods available on bigbasket. These baby finger foods are a good way to wean the child off of breastmilk as well as teach young ones to start eating on their own.You can also buy a baby gift sets online. If you are extremely concerned about the kind of preservatives or additives added to baby food products, you can try the organic baby food. Organic baby food does not contain any harmful chemicals and is perfectly safe for babies to consume. Before you start feeding your baby any of the baby food products, make sure you are aware of all allergens that the baby first food might contain. To be safe, feed your baby only a little bit to make sure the baby likes the taste. You can be sure that your baby is getting the right nourishment with bigbasket and it’s just a few simple clicks away. Order now and have it delivered as per your convenience.