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    There is no denying the fact that an infant requires more care and nourishment. Thus, it is very important to feed an infant with a good quality and highly nutritious infant food as these initial stages are very important for the growth of muscles, bones, immune system, nervous system and many other mechanisms of a human body. Cerelac baby food is one of the best instant cereals that are highly recommended by the child specialists for the children around 6 months old. This 6-month baby food can be prepared within seconds by adding a suitable amount of milk. Powdered milk or dried milk is a dairy product which is manufactured by evaporating milk to dryness. These powders are easy to carry and can be transformed into milk whenever needed. This product is mainly used when the family has an infant while travelling. It is very easy to carry and easy to use by simply adding warm water into it. It is very important to produce baby food products in a complete hygiene atmosphere and to manufacture it with the best quality products. We, at Bigbasket, always focus on customer contentment and therefore, we have launched a very wide variety of baby food online. Infant formula is a boon for all new mothers. No doubt that breastfeed is the most nutritional food for an infant but infant formula comes to rescue for mothers looking for an occasional alternative. Enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients infant formula India is a perfect source of health and energy for the little ones. Buy infant formula and leave behind your worries of giving your baby a complete diet. The infant formula online is really helpful for mothers at times like midnight hours when even the father can feed the child using online infant formula, without disturbing the mother from her sleep.

    Infant Formula

    bigbasket brings to you infant formula online from the most reputed brands in India at the best prices available. Buy infant formula from the top brands including Nestle, Amul and many others. Online infant formula is available in different variants to suit children of different age groups. The products are designed and categorized into age groups, keeping in mind the different need of children at different phases of life and growth. Buy infant formula from our online grocery store and gift your little one the present of lifelong health and happiness. So logon to bigbasket and place your order now!Nestle is a well-known brand and has already acquired customer satisfaction. Nestle baby food is loved by its buyers for its quality and affordable prices. It has launched its line of baby products which includes nan pro 2 and nan pro 3. Nestle Nan Pro 2 is a spray dried Infant formula for infants of 6 months and after when they are not breastfed and don’t depend upon their mother for food. Nan pro is considered as one of the best baby foods. Similac is another well-known brand which provides the best quality food for infants. They provide DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E which are the most important ingredients found in breast milk. DHA promotes brain growth and development, Lutein supports eye health, and Vitamin E is an important nutrient that supports developing new cells. Similac pro advance is available on our website at very affordable rates. We never entertain poor quality goods to be sold on our website so that customers can purchase any product without getting worked up. The prices are such that our products could be purchased by people belonging to all the income groups. So, place your order only from our website and purchase the most suitable products of the best quality only from Bigbasket.