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    Teethers and soothers are generally toys that young babies chew on when they start teething. Teething is a natural process when the first teeth start to come in. Teething could be a painful process for babies and teethers and soothers can ease that discomfort. When baby teethers and soothers are talked about, there is often a question ‘Are teethers good for babies?’ Teethers are considered essential to ease the pain that occurs when babies start teething. Teethers are also supposed to help in the gum development of babies. As far as soothers for newborns are concerned, pacifiers can be found in every home that has a baby. It gives young mothers a rest and babies and toddlers get a good distraction.You can also buy otherbaby accessories online at bigbasket. The best teethers for babies, India can be found on bigbasket. Mee Mee has an extensive collection of teethers in several different attractive shapes, sizes and colours. There are teethers and soothers shaped like a set of keys. They serve a dual purpose. They can be used as a toy as well as a teether. And babies are prone to putting anything and everything in their mouth. Some teethers are also multi-textured to distract babies further from the pain of teething. All of these wonderful baby teethers and soothers can be found on bigbasket.You can buy baby foods online at bigbasket. Toys, seether and teethers can be easily purchased with a single click on bigbasket and you can have it delivered to your doorstep the very same day.