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    Frequently asked questions on Baby Combs

    What is the ideal age to use a comb for a baby?

    You can safely comb your baby’s hair soon after birth. However, using a soft-bristled brush is better than using a hard-toothed comb. The soft-bristled one is safe, whereas a hard comb may harm your baby’s soft scalp.

    Is it okay to use a comb for a three-month-old baby?

    Where some babies are born with thicker hair, others may not have good hair growth until two to three years of age. Using any kind of hard comb can damage the soft hair follicles on your baby’s head and hamper hair growth. Ensure that you use a soft brush to comb your baby’s hair.

    Does brushing baby’s hair help in hair growth?

    Scalp stimulation can result in good hair growth, and this holds true for the baby’s hair too. The scalp stimulation can be achieved by using a soft brush that will help in increasing the scalp’s blood flow and thus promoting healthy hair growth.

    Is combing a two-month-old baby’s hair a good idea?

    Gently combing a baby’s hair is something that you can indulge in for a baby as young as two months old. Using a soft-bristled hairbrush or a wide-toothed comb is a good idea.

    Are there any ways to enhance my baby’s hair growth?

    You can apply pure aloe vera gel and keep it on your baby’s scalp for some time before washing it with warm water and mild shampoo. Using coconut oil, apple cider, and other home remedies can be effective too.

    What is the right way to use a comb for a baby’s hair?

    Use gentle stroke and without using any jerky movements. If your baby has long locks, you can slide the comb through the length to make it tangle-free.

    Is using coconut oil good for the baby’s hair?

    Coconut oil has numerous benefits not only for adults but also for babies’ skin and hair. This miraculous oil is a natural mousturiser for both the skin and hair of babies. However, conducting a patch test is recommended before using this oil on your baby’s hair or skin.

    Do babies require hairbrushes?

    Baby’s hair does not require many accessories for grooming, as just a simple hairbrush will suffice. Make sure you buy a soft one and use it on your munchkin, preferably after a bath.

    How can you clean a baby’s comb or brush?

    Use a mild cleanser and warm water to clean your baby’s hairbrush or comb. However, do not keep it soaked for a longer duration in water. Also, wash the brush or comb before the first usage.

    Is it normal for newborn babies to lose hair?

    It is relatively common and normal for babies to lose hair during the first six months after birth. This happens due to the drop in hormone levels of a baby after birth.