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    Babies are delicate and they need all the special care possible. For that reason, you cannot use the grooming accessories or brushes, meant for adults, on your baby. All products intended for babies are supposed to be extremely gentle so as to not irritate their skin or harm them in any way. To comb your babies hair, always use a baby comb. The bristles on the baby comb are extremely gentle and do not irritate the scalp of the body. The baby comb by Mee Mee is very easy to use. Even the design is very appealing. The baby comb set includes a baby comb packaged neatly with a few other hair accessories. You can also buy baby shampoo online at bigbasket. Similarly, normal nail clippers are too rough for a small baby’s fingernail. Baby nail clippers are specially designed to cut and trim the delicate fingernails without hurting the skin under the fingernails. Using anything other than baby nail clippers can lead to bruising or infection if the skin gets caught in the clipper. You can also buy baby diapers online. To clean the dirt under their fingernails, use a baby brush that will gently extract the dirt without hurting the delicate skin of the baby. You can also get a value pack that combines the baby brush and comb set together. A baby nail clipper set is also good because it includes the baby brush inside. Apart from taking care of the baby’s nails, sometimes it is also important to cut their hair. Again, the hair clipper should be gentle and designed specifically for babies. Baby hair clippers cut hair gently and do not pose any risk to the baby. The blades are usually blunt to prevent any harm to the child. You can order all these baby grooming products on bigbasket with a few simple clicks and have it delivered to your home the same day.