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    It’s like biting a fresh fruit as you sip from a pack of Real fruit juice. Real is a brand which fills the goodness of fruits into easy-to-sip tetra packs. Adjudged the “Most Trusted Brand” of juices, Real offers a range of thirst quenchers through its wide range of natural fruit juices. While most of the supermarkets are stocked with rows of fruity beverages, a wise move comes in the form of ordering these fruit powered drinks via bigbasket, the online groceries and staples store. Choose from a wide range of online beverages and stock up your refrigerator for “any-time” fruity treats to your family and guests.

    Buy Real Juice Online

    Fresh fruits and vegetables hold immense health benefits. Although, in modern-day hectic schedules enjoying a glass of juice is much more convenient than munching on fruits and vegetables. Juices are packed with a variety of minerals, vitamins and bioactive compounds like phytochemicals that are great for the health. Few of the health benefits of drinking fruit juices are heals and detoxify the body, promotes weight loss, aids quick vitamin absorption and are rich in trace minerals and enzymes. However, you do need to drink the right type of fruit juice to get the real benefits of fruit juice and not just about any sugary drinks that are nowadays being offered in the name of fruit juice by several brands. Among the innumerable brands of fruit juices available in the market, one brand of fruit juice that has won the trust of millions of Indians is Dabur’s Real fruit juice. Unlike the various fruit juices available in the market, Real fruit juices have the distinction of being endorsed by ‘PFNDAI’ – Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association of India. Dabur Real juices have also been voted by consumers as the most trusted fruit juice brand for four years in a row. Real fruit juices are available in two different variants namely – ‘Real Fruit Power’ and ‘Real Activ’. The Real Activ juices are a range of unsweetened fruit juices that contain no added sugar, colour or preservatives and are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. While the Real fruit power available in 16 exciting flavours have been voted the best juice brand in India. The different varieties of fruit juices offered by Real are Real pomegranate juice, Real cranberry juice, Real guava juice, Real mango, plum, mosambi, tomato, blackcurrant, peach, apricot, pineapple, mixed fruit and grapes juice. Real fruit juice is one unique brand of fruit juice that is enjoyed by both kids and adults. Kids simply love the exciting flavours of fruit juices offered by Real and although Real apple juice and Real orange juices are the hot picks among the kids, other flavours are too well enjoyed by the kids especially the real mixed fruit juice. While kids love sipping on them, parents too love handing them to their kids owing to the great nutritional benefits and the inexpensive price. The Real fruit juice price is pretty affordable, the 200ml Real juice small pack price is a mere rupees 20, while the 1 ltr Real juice tetra pack price is only Rs 99. However, when you buy your Real juice online you can get attractive discounts on them from bigbasket. Not only that bigbasket also offers great value deals on the 1 ltr tetra pack and the Real juice gift pack. Real fruit juice, adjudged the no 1 fruit juice brand in India, also makes for a great gifting item. You can easily find the Real juice gift pack online at bigbasket and have them delivered to your doorstep. Gift them to your loved one or bring them home to sip your way to good health. You can also make great mocktails with them. Just look over the internet for interesting mocktail recipes and start experimenting with your Real fruit juices.

    Exotic Fruit Juices

    You name the fruit and there is a juice with its name. Apricot Real juice competes with Litchi and Blackcurrant juice,all of which are tasty and healthy. Cranberry drink with its sweet and sour taste is a hot favourite amongst fruit juice lovers along with fresh juice of mixed fruit. Mango, the king of fruits is made available in its juicy form to patrons willing to buy online drinks through bigbasket. If you haven’t tasted guava fruit in its juicy form, now is the time to order the Real Guava juice. Online mango when bought alongside Pomegranate juice makes up for a fruity indulgence at the bigbasket store.

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    It is as good as ordering freshfruits onlinewhen you log on to bigbasket to source your preferred fruit juice brands. Offered in spill-proof and easy to store cartons, these fruity presentations come as healthy options to chill during hot summers. There can never be a dull moment when it concerns the long list of fresh fruit juices that are enlisted by bigbasket. With over 18,000 products that are open for online ordering, families residing in major cities across India have an advantage to make the most of home delivery service with the timely delivery that bigbasket provides.

    Multiple Juicy Brands

    In addition to Real Activ range of fruit juices, Tropicana along with the mixed fruit offering of Capri-Sun attract juice lovers. Minute Maid with its fruit pulp retained even in its juicy form is a top choice along with B Natural range of fruit juices. Ceres is another brand offering fresh peach juice for exotic fruit lovers.