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    Buy Lipton Online

    Lipton is more than the chilled ice tea of theirs that we all grew up loving to gulp down on a hot summer day. It is rather a premium product offering a wide array of options to satiate your tea cravings. The online beverage and online drinks market is booming now more than ever and bigbasket is right in the middle of it with Lipton along with other brands now at your disposal. Tea is a necessity in almost all households and Lipton’s quality, reputation and variety only bears positive news for your tea treats.

    Variety of Products

    Along with the classic ice tea that comes in peach andlemon flavour, Lipton boasts of green tea, herbal tea, tea bags as well as other alternatives likemint flavour in its collection available on bigbasket. As we all know, green tea is a healthy drink which is opted for by most of those watching their diets and waist-lines. Lipton’s green tea combines its flavonoid anti-oxidants with the freshness of water to flush out all the toxins from your system. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tea that sells in more than 150 countries, Lipton has managed to transform itself to stay appealing to all age-groups of society. Along with the regular tea consumers, Lipton’s offerings like the Green Tea – Ice Lemon & Mint 350 ml bottle and Ice Tea – Mint & Lemon 500 ml bottle attract the relatively younger generation. The classic Darjeeling Tea and Tulsi Natura variants are available as well, on the app.

    Easy Delivery

    Bigbasket offers Lipton products in a variety of sizes with a bunch of attractive discounts to get wooed by. These products are available across the country in all major cities, ready to be delivered to your doorstep at your word.

    Other Brands

    Bigbasket houses a range of other brands within the categories of regular tea, green tea and the like. Specifically for green tea, you have other premium options like Tetley, TajMahal and Twinings to choose from. As for regular tea, you’re spoilt for choice with Red Label, Tata Tea, 3 Roses and Brooke Bond among others to pick from.