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    Recognised as a renowned brand selling sparkling and still beverages, Coca Cola makes its strong presence felt in more than 200 countries. Quenching the thirst of billions of soft drink lovers, Coca Cola is a company which originated in the 19th century in Atlanta, US. Garnering the patronage of aerated drink lovers across the globe, it is not an exaggeration to quote that no party is complete without glasses filled with the contents of this tasty and fizzy drink. Basically catering to the carbonated soft drinks market, Coca Cola has juice and juice drinks as well as sports drinks and flavoured teas in its product lines. Enabling soft drink lovers to stock their refrigerators with bottles of Coca Cola, bigbasket, the online groceries’ store presents the convenience of buying soft drinks online.

    The Thriving Beverage Market

    Along with flavoured teas, Coca Cola offers a range of coffee flavoured drinks. Calorie conscious consumers can enjoy a tin or a bottle of Coke Zero sparing them of the guilt of adding empty calories to their bodies. Coke Diet is another such offering which is making its presence felt in the online beverages market. Planned a party at home? Buy Coke of 2 litres along with a number of 300 ml tins and bottles, depending on your guest list.

    The Online Shopping of Beverages

    While you can allot time and energy to make other arrangements for a weekend get-together, you can simply avoid running to a grocery store to bring home bottles of energy drinks. This is one of the advantages of choosing to buy beverages online via bigbasket. Operating a strong network of delivery connecting 25 major cities in India, bigbasket enhances the pleasure of online ordering through its home delivery service. Along with this, you can rest assured that your online order will reach your doorstep at a time that is convenient to you.

    Multiple Aerated Drink Brands

    The lemon flavoured Sprite and Limca bottles should be your perfect choice for the warm seasons. Mirinda with its orange flavour becomes a chilled thirst quencher during hot summery afternoons. Mountain Dew is another brand of aerated soft drinks along with Lehar which offers bottles of soda.