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    Buy Carefree Products Online

    Carefree is a range of hygiene products exclusively manufactured for women. Carefree is a brand of panty liners, and created the very first liner in the 1970s. Carefree is a brand formerly marketed by McNeil-PPC and currently owned by Energizer Holdings. In addition to Carefree, McNeil-PPC makes Stayfree ultra thin and maxi pads, and o.b. tampons. The first of these products were probably made of cotton wool or similar substances. The Carefree brand believes that women who feel really fresh are able to live in the moment and enjoy life more.

    Carefree Sanitary Napkins

    Carefree is a most popular brands dealing with Sanitary Needs and Personal Care products. Sanitary Pads - Xls Protection and Sanitary Pads has now become a household name in the market. Carefree pads will provide the ultimate freshness experience so that women can fully live in the moment every day. Buy Carefree products Online at the best price. The price range of Carefree products is between Rs. 65 and Rs. 80. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Carefree products like Sanitary Pads, Super Dry and many others online at Bigbasket.