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    Buy quality ginger and its products from bigbasket

    We Indians have had a long love affair with ginger. We love it so much that we add it to many of our food and drinks, right from our tea and curries to even candies and biscuits. Besides the Indian cuisine, ginger is also a regular feature in Oriental cuisines too. Apart from using it to add flavour to food and drinks, ginger is also used for its varied health benefits. Ginger is available in several different forms, such as fresh and dry ginger powder, ginger extract and ginger oil. You can find all the different types of ginger and it’s by-products right here at bigbasket, that too at great prices. In addition to varied vitamins and minerals, Ginger is rich in compounds and metabolites and is quite beneficial to our health. Some of the main health benefits of ginger are as follows – it alleviates nausea, motion sickness and vomiting, reduces inflammation and cholesterol, increases insulin sensitivity and prevents diabetes. Another great benefit of ginger is its ability to promote hair growth. Freshly squeezed ginger juice, when applied to the scalp, promotes blood circulation and improves the growth of hair. One of the most traditional and common uses of ginger is in making ginger tea, which is believed to provide relief from cold and flu. For those who don’t drink tea can get relief from cold and flu by using fresh ginger root in soups and stews. When it comes to the health benefits of ginger, the fresh and pure ginger root is always better than the ginger powder. Their taste is quite different from each other. However, the powdered ginger is easier to use and has its own benefits. Some of the dry ginger benefits are – powdered ginger paste when applied to the forehead relieves headaches, ginger powder with sugarcane juice can treat stomach irritation, ginger powder boiled in water becomes a great skin toner and most importantly, ginger powder is quite useful in burning fat and treating obesity. Looking at the hectic lifestyle of people, numerous companies are now offering ginger paste and ginger garlic paste on bigbasket. You can find all the varieties of ginger online at bigbasket, right from fresh ginger and dry ginger to ginger oil, ginger paste and even ginger candies. Take your pick and let the goodness of the herb boost your health and bless you with great hair and skin.