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Zandu Chyavanprash Avaleha with Jaggery/Gur, Ayurvedic Immunity Booster, Rich in Vitamins & Micro-Nutrients, 900 g

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900 g
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Zandu Chyavanprash Avaleha with Jaggery/Gur, Ayurvedic Immunity Booster, Rich in Vitamins & Micro-Nutrients

About the Product
Zandu Chyavanprash Avaleha is an authentic Ayurvedic Formulation made as per the Ayurvedic Literature of the Ayurveda Saar Sangraha. Now, Zandu Chyavanprash comes in an all-new Avatar, which contains no added refined sugar and Natural Jaggery. It is made with 39 precious Ayurvedic Herbs and is Scientifically proven for 2X Immunity. Jaggery contains several added health benefits and is rich in minerals and micro-nutrients. It is also proven to help improve respiratory health. It can be consumed universally across all age groups and a spoon a day helps improve your immunity and keeps you energetic throughout the day. Made with 100 years of Ayurvedic Wisdom of Zandu, regular consumption of Zandu Chyavanprash keeps your family healthy so that they can stay protected from illnesses and be ready to face tomorrow's Challenges effectively.
Each 100 G Is Prepared From, Extract Derived From - Agnimantha (Clerodendrum Phlomidis Linn.) RT., Bilva (Aegle Marmelos Corr.) ST. BK., Bala (Sida Cordifolia Linn.) WH. PL., Brhati (Solanum Anguivi Lam.) WH. PL., Draksa (Vitis Vinifera Linn.) FR., Gambhari (Gmelina Arborea Linn.) ST. BK., Goksura (Tribulus Terrestris Linn.) FR., Guduci (Tinospora Cordifolia (Willd.) Miers.) ST., Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula Retz.) FR., Jivanti (Leptadenia Reticulata W. & A.) RT., Kakanasika (Martynia Annua Linn.) SD., Kamal (Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn.) FL., Kantakari (Solanum Surattense Burm. F.) WH. PL., Karkatasrngi (Pistacia Chinensia Burgo) GL., Masaparni (Teramnus Labialis Spreng.) WH. PL., Mudgaparni (Vigna Trilobata (Linn.) Verdc.) WH. PL., Musta (Cyperus Rotundus Linn.) RZ., Patala (Stereospermum Chelonoides (L.F.) DC-DC.) ST. BK., Pippali (Piper Longum Linn.) FR., Prsniparni (Uraria Picta Desv.) WH. PL., Punarnava (Rakta)”. (Boerhaavia Diffusa Linn.) WH. PL., Puskara (Inula Racemosa Hook.F.) RT., Salaparni (Desmodium Gangeticum DC.) WH. PL., Karcura (Curcuma Zedoaria Rosc.) RZ., Suksmaila (Elettaria Cardamomum (Linn.) Maton) FR., Syonaka (Oroxylum Indicum Vent.) RT., Tamalaki (Phyllanthus Fraternus Webst.) RT./ST./LF. & Vasa (Adhatoda Vasica Nees) LF. Each 0.27 G, Asvagandha (Withania Somnifera Dunal.) RT., Satavari (Asparagus Racemosus Willd.) TUB. RT. & Varahi (Disoscorea Bulbifera Linn.) RZ. Each 0.54 G, Vidari (Pueraria Tuberosa DC.) TUB. RT. 0.81 G Powders Of Vanshalochana (Bambusa Arundinacia Willd.) S.C. 1.576 G, Pippali (Piper Longum Linn.) FR. 0.788 G, Nagkesara (Mesua Ferrea Linn.) INFL., Tvakpatra (Cinnamomum Tamala (Buch.-Ham.) Nees & Eberm.) LF., Suksmaila (Elettaria Cardamomum (Linn.) Maton) FR. & Tvak (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Blume) ST.BK. Each 0.394 G, Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis Gaertn.) Fruit-Pulp 90.00 G, Guda (Jaggery) (Saccharum Officinarum L.) 67.00 G, Tila Taila (Sesamum Indicum L.) Seed Oil 0.90 G, Goghitra (Clarified Cow’s Butter) 2.40 G, Madhu (Honey) 2.64 G, Jala (Water) Q.S
Made with jaggery (gur). No added refined sugar. Contains added health benefits of jaggery, which helps improve respiratory health. Scientifically proven 2x immunity. Basis laboratory N.K cell activity made with 39 important and vital ayurvedic herbs. Helps boost immunity and increases stamina. Based on authentic ayurvedic literature.
How to Use
As directed
Other Product Info
EAN Code: 8901248703291
Manufactured & Marketed by: Emami Limited, Pacharia, Dolapathar, Kamrup, Pin-781104, Assam
Country of Origin: India
Best before 22-11-2023
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