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Joycity Beans Microgreens, 200+ Seeds

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Joycity Beans Microgreens

About the Product
If you haven’t heard about Microgreens, then you are definitely in for a delight! Microgreens- The Super-food, more and more people are growing them at home and extremely easy to grow! Microgreens are the first true leaves produced from a seedling of vegetables and herbs that are about 2-3 inch tall. The tiny leaves of most of the microgreens get ready for harvest in 20 to 30 days and are packed with nutrition and intense flavors imitating their mature counterparts. For example, if you are eating the micro-green shoots of radish, the taste and flavor like a radish. Similarly, beetroot microgreens like beetroot and coriander microgreens like coriander. Microgreens contain considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids - about five times on an average - than their mature counterparts. Such soaring levels of nutrients help lower the risk of cancer, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis and boost heart health. Microgreen Salads are both delicious and nutritious. Because different micro-green varieties hold such different flavor profiles, they can be combined to create salads with a light and sweet flavor, or hit the taste buds with a punch of spice or bitterness, it’s up to you. A fantastic addition to a typical leafy green salad. Enhance the attractiveness and taste of your dishes with the delicate textures and distinctive flavors of Microgreens. Happy Growing !!
  1. Fresh & Organic, Best in class germination, Non-GMO & Heirloom Seeds. 
  2. High-Quality Seeds with a germination rate of above 80%. 
  3. Naturally Grown and Open Pollinated. 
  4. Best for Terrace/ Balcony/ Poly House Gardening. 
  5. Experience the joy of growing with Joycity.
Care Instruction

Store Seeds in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not use seeds directly for feed food or oil processing.

How to Use

Steps to grow microgreens at home:-

  1. Fill the pot with the soil mix. You can use any type of pot, container, a tray to grow Microgreens with few drainage holes at the bottom is a must.
  2. Make 0.5 cm deep holes all over the soil surface and sprinkle 4-5 seeds evenly in all holes.
  3. Cover with a thin damp cloth to keep it in place. You can use any cardboard sheet. The cover helps retain warmth and moisture and helps in germinating the seeds.
  4. Place the pot in bright indirect light and pour 40 ml of water twice daily. Remove the life jacket on 6th or 7th day from sowing and spray 40 ml of water twice daily.
  5. The seeds will germinate in 15 to 20 days. Harvest by cutting 1- 2 cms above ground level when they reach3-4 inches tall.
  6. Overturn the soils and sow seeds again for a continuous supply.


Other Product Info
EAN Code: 40210029
Manufactured & Marketed By: Joycity, Delhi
Country Of Origin: India
Best Before 22-04-2022
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