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    Daily Protection From Germs

    Dettol Bathing Soap Bar - Original, 99.99% Germ Protection, 75 g (Pack Of 4)

    Price: ₹140(₹1.87 / g)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    75 g(Pack Of 4)
    140(₹1.87 / g)
    48 g
    Not available
    42 g
    Not available
    75 gPouch
    Not available
    75 g
    40(₹0.53 / g)
    125 g
    67(₹0.54 / g)
    2x125 gMultipack
    134(₹0.54 / g)
    125 g(Pack Of 4)
    176(₹1.41 / g)
    75g(Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
    187.06(₹2.49 / g)
    199₹12 OFF
    6x75 g(Multipack)
    230.4(₹0.51 / g)
    240₹10 OFF
    4x125 gMulti Pack
    268(₹0.54 / g)
    8x75 g(Multipack)
    320(₹0.53 / g)
    125GBuy 4 Get 1 Free
    322(₹2.58 / g)
    6x125 gMultipack
    321.6(₹0.43 / g)
    40220% OFF
    125 g(Buy 6 Get 2 Free)
    Not available
    8x125 gMultipack
    402(₹0.4 / g)
    53625% OFF

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    Dettol Bathing Soap Bar - Original, 99.99% Germ Protection

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    Buy Dettol Bathing Bar Soap, Original 75 gm (Pack of 4) Online at Best Price

    In our day to day life we pick an innumerable amount of bacteria, germs and viruses invisible to the eye and in order to protect ourselves from their harmful effects, we need to get rid of them daily. Now, these bacteria and germs don’t get away with plain water and just about any soap, we need the help of an expert antiseptic soap. And when it comes to antiseptic soap, what could be better than Dettol antiseptic soap? In fact, Dettol antiseptic soaps are synonymous with antiseptic soaps in India. The powerful antiseptic Dettol bar claims to provide 99.99% protection against disease-causing bacteria, germs and viruses. Dettol bar is also better than the ordinary bath soaps used since they literally do not do anything beneficial for the body. Dettol antiseptic bar, on the other hand, contains powerful chloroxylenol and Triclosan as active ingredients that work remarkably well in eliminating a wide range of unseen bacteria. Your Dettol antiseptic bar is also enriched with added moisturisers so as not to leave your skin dry and rough, which is a major complaint of using other soap brands. Dettol antiseptic soap also has been dermatologically tested to be safe on skin and has the unique distinction of being recommended by the ‘Indian Medical Association’. Dettol antiseptic soap works by eliminating the bacteria, reducing inflammation and acting against bacterial and fungal infections. Being an antiseptic soap, Dettol antiseptic bar is mainly used for the treatment, prevention and control and improvement in varied conditions like fungal infection, antibacterial, wound cleansing and for bacterial infections. Some of the other benefits of Dettol bar soap are it kills acne, protects from the dangerous virus from infecting the body, helps in varied skin problems like ringworms, water fleas and warts. Buy Dettol bathing bar soap online and protect and heal your skin and body effectively. The humble Dettol bar soap is now available in several variants to cater to varied needs and demands and the different Dettol soaps besides the Original Dettol bar are – Dettol Skincare soap, Dettol cool soap and Dettol re-energize. The Dettol bar is available in a pack of 35 gm, 75 gm and 125gm. Dettol bar soap prices are also quite cheap and affordable and the 75gm Dettol soap price costs a mere Rs 32. You can also buy a pack of 4 Dettol bathing soap online from bigbasket. This is also a money saver pack and would also last you longer. So chuck out your regular bathing soaps and start using Dettol bathing bar to keep varied illnesses and infections at bay. Give your family the Dettol protection and buy Dettol soap 75gm online from bigbasket and get it delivered to your doorstep easily. With so much ease and convenience offered by online shopping websites why waste time and energy at the local shops? Go online and buy bathing soap online it is the new way to shop. Plus with bigbasket’s wide assortment of Dettol bathing soaps, you can scour through them, explore the varied deals and discounts offered and order easily from the comfort of your home.