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    Vwash Liquid Wash, 20 ml Bottle

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    Vwash Liquid Wash

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    Buy Vwash Liquid Wash 20 ml Bottle Online at Best Price.

    Hygiene is the most important factor in this developing world and is the top priority of the people when it comes to living in a world full of bacteria and virus. Hygiene should be practised in order to prevent the spread of diseases. For this, cleanliness needs to be maintained in every aspect if it's a body or surrounding. Personal hygiene is something that you choose and totally depends upon you and your habits. Genital hygiene is something which comes under personal hygiene and is the most important of all as these parts contain a large number of germs. So, to maintain the genital hygiene, we at Bigbasket, provide you V wash liquid online. Buy V wash online on Bigbasket as you will get the best product, delivered at your door. Bigbasket is always concerned about what customers actually demand and tries to get them the best products available. So, we at Bigbasket have included a wide variety of products on our website which are made by the authentic procedures and are safe to use. If you buy V wash liquid wash online, we assure you the safety of your genitals and your body. One should maintain sexual hygiene or call it genital hygiene as it will keep you safe from genital diseases and bacteria that are all around. The offline prices of products are comparatively higher than those online at Bigbasket, like 20ml v wash liquid wash price. We at bigbasket provide you products from the leading brands available in this developing country. Vwash is one of the leading and growing brands we are up with on our website. It is specially designed for a woman’s intimate needs. The pH balance of vagina is maintained by Lactic Acid formula fused with tea tree oil & sea buckthorn oil. It helps you in keeping your genitals itch-free and dry and makes you comfortable the whole day. It is safe during pregnancy and menstruation as it maintains the pH. Other than this, some of the soaps and other liquid are alkaline and disturb the pH balance of the vagina. Hygiene is something which needs to be maintained on a daily basis and in every aspect. Keeping this in mind, we provide 100ml v wash liquid online that too at a very affordable price of 174.60 INR. The much bigger pack is even available of 200 ml for a long-term usage and Vwash liquid wash is even available with wipes as a combo which is much more cheaper than they are available offline. Vwash is also available with sanitary napkins for women all around. Bigbasket provides you with the best of products that too at your door with the ease of internet. Offline shopping should no more be an option in your to-do list when everything of your need is available online at a very affordable price.