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    Enriched with Antioxidants MUFA & Vitamin E & K

    Oleev Pomace Olive Oil - For All Types Of Cooking, 5 L

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    2234.74(₹446.95 / L)
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    Oleev Pomace Olive Oil - For All Types Of Cooking

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    Buy Oleev Pomace Oil 5 ltr Bottle Online At Best Price

    Pomace olive oil is a type of olive oil derived from the olive pulp after the first press is done to extract extra virgin olive oil. There are several grades of olive oil and pomace olive oil is of slightly lower grade than extra virgin oil. Nevertheless, pomace olive still contains the benefits of olives and are safe to consume. One of the best brands of pomace olive oil is Oleev pomace oil. You can buy oleev pomace oil online from bigbasket that also offers discount on them intermittently. Pomace oil is also a cooking grade oil. It is light and has a neutral taste, thereby, making it a great cooking medium for Indian cuisine. Pomace olive oil is far healthier than most of the oils available in th market. Buy Oleev Pomace oil 5 ltr online from bigbasket and start cooking with it to reap the benefits of olive oil for the health. The Oleev pomace oil 5ltr price is very economical and makes for a great value deal. Furthermore, pomace oil is also good for the hair and can be used to treat hair loss and dry scalp. Pomace oil is known to nourish the damaged scalp and renders a natural shine to the hair. Buy oleev oil 1ltr online and start using pomace oil to get rid of hair problems. The 1ltr oleev pomace oil price is very reasonable. Bring home the 1 ltr pack of pomace oil and kiss your hair problems goodbye. Pomace oil also serves as an excellent cheaper alternative to extra virgin oil for massaging. Pomace oil is excellent for dry skin because of its nourishing properties. Pomace oil has almost the samE nutrients and vitamins like extra virgin olive oil and it works wonders for the skin making it smooth and healthy. All in all, pomace oil can be safely said to be a wonderful versatile oil that you can cook with, use it as a hair oil or body oil and yet it won’t cost you a bomb. Buy Oleev pomace oil online from bigbasket and also great attractive deals and cashback on your purchase.