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    Amul Ice Cream - Choco Chips, Real Milk, 1 L Tub

    Price: ₹230(₹230 / L)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    1 LTub
    230(₹230 / L)
    2x1 LMultipack
    460(₹230 / L)
    2 x 1 LMultipack
    460(₹230 / L)

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    Amul Ice Cream - Choco Chips, Real Milk

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    Buy Amul Real Ice Cream Choco Chips 1 Lt Tub Online At Best Price

    If there is ever going to be an instant mood up lifter than it has to be ice creams and if that ice cream is chocolate, then there’s absolutely nothing better than it. There is something about this rich creamy delicacy that it is loved and thoroughly enjoyed by people across all age groups and all walks of life. Today there are innumerable national and international brands of ice creams available in India and among them Amul real ice cream stands out owing to its great taste and superior quality of ingredients. Unlike other brands of ice creams, that are actually frozen desserts, use vegetable oils, Amul real ice cream only uses milk and dairy products to prepare its extra creamy and delightfully soft ice creams. Amul real ice cream offers a wide variety of flavours ranging from exciting fruits and dry fruits to the traditional chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and butter scotch. Among the many flavours of Amul real ice cream one of the all time favourite is the chocolate ice cream. The Amul choco chips ice cream contains a good amount of chuncky chocolate chips mixed in the smooth chocolaty cream making it a delicious and fun ice cream to enjoy with kids and family. The Amul choco chips ice cream is available in convenient packs of 100 ml cups, 750ml, 1 Ltr tub and 1.25 ltr cartons. The Amul real ice cream price is also quite cheap and affordable making it a crowd favourite. Even the Amul choco chips ice cream price is pretty affordable, the price of the 100 ml pack is about Rs 25 while the 1 ltr tub Amul choco chips ice cream price is Rs 230 but you can get it for only Rs 200 online on bigbasket. Amul real ice creams being a household name in the country it is easily available at various Amul kiosks, local stores and supermarkets. In addition to that you can also buy Amul real ice cream online from bigbasket that offers a huge selection of the various flavours and types of Amul real ice cream along with offering great discounts on them. Sweeten your ice cream deal on bigbasket. Buy Amul choco chip ice cream online from bigbasket to avail of the sweet discounts offered on them and enjoy a great weekend sinking your teeth in a cup of delightful Amul ice cream.