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    Amul Pure Milk Whipping Cream, 250 ml Carton

    Price: ₹85(₹0.34 / ml)
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    250 mlCarton
    85(₹0.34 / ml)
    1 LCarton
    210(₹210 / L)

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    Amul Pure Milk Whipping Cream

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    Buy Amul Whipping Cream 250 Ml Carton Online At Best Price

    Whipped cream is a dairy product which is made out of fresh cream which is whipped or whisked using a whisk or blender until it is fluffy and light. Whipped cream is more often sweetened using vanilla essence for added flavour. It is also called as Chantilly cream or crème Chantilly in some places. Some of the other flavours of whipping cream are sugar, chocolate, coffee and orange which are most popular in the baking and confectionary industry. Sometimes, egg whites are also whisked along with whipping cream to make it fluffier, but it can be avoided if you want a completely vegetarian whipped cream. Some other substances which include diphosphate and gelatin are also used as stabilizers while producing whipped cream. Whipped cream is a versatile topping as it can be made in various ways to suit every individual tastes and beliefs. Some of the recipes exclude dairy products used in whipped cream owing to milk allergies, lactose intolerance and to suit vegan diets where as some exclude eggs owing to religious reasons. Some recipes are created to provide a longer shelf life and some to reduce the cost of manufacture. You can buy whipping cream online at Bigbasket and choose from a variety of brands. Usually, whipped cream is a mixture of many ingredients such as partially hydrogenated oil, water, sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilizers which are added during the whisking process to prevent chemicals synergies which are similar to margarine in place of butter fat which is found in the cream used in whipping creams. One of the most popular brand which manufactures whipping cream in India is Amul. Amul has always been the pioneer and one of the most trusted brands providing various kinds of dairy products in India for many years. Along with many dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, paneer, ghee, chocolates, lassi, Choco and nut spreads, dessert mixes, ice creams and yogurt, Amul also provides whipping cream which is made out pure milk cream. Amul whipping cream 250ml price on Bigbasket is Rs.63 only and it comes packaged in a lovely red and white carton which is easy to store for a few days after opening. Amul whipping cream consists of 30% of milk fat whereas Amul fresh cream consists of only 25% milk fat and it is also low fat. Amul cream price on Bigbasket is Rs.57. You can buy Amul whipping cream online at Bigbasket easily with just a few clicks along with other baking and dairy products from Amul.