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    Fresho Fresh Figs, 250 g
    Nutrient Dense

    Fresho Fresh Figs, 250 g

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    250 g
    45.26(₹0.18 / g)
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    1 kg
    177.39(₹177.39 / kg)
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    Fresho Fresh Figs

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    Buy Fresho Fresh Figs 250 Gm Online At Best Price

    Figs better known as anjeer in India is one of the healthiest fruit. Figs are quite different from other fruits in terms of their texture and juice. Figs are not juicy as one expects from a fruit and has a soft chewy texture with tiny edible seeds scattered in the flesh of the fruit adding some crunch to it. The fruit in its entirety – skin and all can be eaten, but you can also peel the skin off if you like. Figs are easily perishable fruits and as such, it is dried to preserve it for longer periods. Although dried figs are available throughout the year, fresh figs can only be enjoyed in its season which begins from the month of December and lasts till January. The figs produced during this time are beautifully syrupy with honey-like sweetness and a hint of berry flavour. Don’t let the fig season pass by buy Fresho figs in India and enjoy the fruit till the season lasts. Fresh figs can also be found during the summer months of May to June but they are below par when compared with the winter figs. As such you should make the most of tasty fresh figs available during the short winter’s in India and while in season eat the fresh fig either as a whole or cook some delicious desserts, salads, chutneys or other sweet and savoury recipes with them. Buy Fresho fresh figs online from bigbasket and enjoy them with your family. Fresh figs also holds a tremendous amount of health benefits and are a rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Few of the health benefits of eating fresh figs include – it boosts digestive health, enhances heart health, lowers cholesterol, prevents colon cancer, cures anaemia, lowers blood sugar levels, strengthens bones and prevents breast cancer among others. If you too want to reap the benefits of fresh figs then hurry to buy Fresho figs online from bigbasket and have it at your doorstep the very next day. Fresho figs are available in packs of 250 gms, 500gms and 1 kg. The 250 gm Fresho figs price is quite inexpensive and affordable, while the Fresho 500gm figs online costs only Rs 189 on bigbasket as against the market price of Rs 236.25 So, bring home some fresh figs and enjoy a healthful fruit snack.