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    Fresho Asparagus, 250 g

    Fresho Asparagus, 250 g

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    66.43(₹0.27 / g)
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    Fresho Asparagus

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    Buy Fresho Asparagus 250 Gm Online At Best Price

    Are you bored of eating all those dull tasting vegetables daily and want some change? Are you concerned about your health but cannot switch to a better diet because you have been told that dietary food tastes bad? Well, you have missed out on this vegetable all this while. Asparagus is a veggie whose green shoot is eaten. It gives you an ample amount of nutrients required to keep your body fit as well as helps in keeping your mind calm. But where do you find this amazing thing full of healthy stuff? Go to your vegetable vendor and ask for asparagus? No, just open your phone and go to Bigbasket website for buying Fresho asparagus online. Picked very carefully only for you, fresho asparagus goes from all the quality check methods before it reaches you. Asparagus is made mostly with water having lesser calories and sodium percentage. Good for removing toxic cells from the liver. Single source of a large number of nutrients like vitamin-C, vitamin-k, vitamin-E, and the rarest of all is vitamin-B6. Apart from this, asparagus contains many dietary fibers, protein, potassium, and phosphorus. The direct source of thiamin, zinc, folic acid, manganese which are very hard to find in the regular vegetable that we eat. Chromium is a mineral which helps to transport insulin to blood cells is found largely in asparagus. Buy full of nutrient asparagus from Bigbasket at very reasonable prices. Buy fresho asparagus 100gm online for just 37 bucks. Asparagus is used in a salad with sprouts, tomato, onions along with a bit of olive oil and salt to make it delicious. It may be served as an appetizer, as a side dish with rice or chapatis, or marinated to make a tasty pickle from it. Mainly, the shoots of it are preferred for eating purposes, boiled, steamed or you can even stir fry it for better eating options. At some place, it is served grilled with beef, chicken, and shrimp. Best use of asparagus is using it to make soup by which you get all the nutrients completely through boiled stock. For making all these delicious dishes order 1 kg fresho asparagus online from Bigbasket at just Rs. 364. You can also buy a lesser quantity just to try out and get assured of the quality. 250 gm of fresho asparagus price is 90 bucks which are just enough to make these dishes. It is difficult to store asparagus at home for a long time and cleaning of it is much more tedious as the soil and dirt tend to ripe quickly. You can prefer to store it in a wet towel to avoid wastage. Another better way is that you can order asparagus online from Bigbasket website anytime you require it and get it delivered at your doorsteps easily. We do a proper cleaning of all the veggies as sell fresh products daily. All these leafy green vegetables are delivered to you in hygienic packets which can be used store directly in the refrigerator. Switch to Bigbasket for better experiences.