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    Ching's Secret Red Chilli Sauce, 200 g Bottle

    Price: ₹60(₹0.3 / g)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    200 gBottle
    60(₹0.3 / g)
    680 gBottle
    81(₹0.12 / g)
    9010% OFF
    90 g
    25(₹0.28 / g)
    3x200 gMultipack
    180(₹0.3 / g)

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    Ching's Secret Red Chilli Sauce

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    Buy Chings Sauce - Red Chilli 200 gm Bottle Online at Best Price

    We all have drooled over Ranveer Singh dancing on the tunes of “Chings Chinese desi Chinese” and his antique effort to make us buy Chinese sauce and noodles. We have always savoured upon Chinese food due to the spicy taste and this red chilli sauce assures to satisfy our taste buds by changing any of our dishes spicy. This combination of chilli, vinegar, and spices assures that your craving for Chinese taste is satisfied as soon as you put it in your food. The brand has assured that the product is available to purchase with ease anytime and hence you can buy chings sauce online without any hassle of going to the market for buying it. Bigbasket offers you a varied range of products from different varieties of noodles to sauces at reasonable prices and assures the fastest delivery at the most convenient timings to you. The availability of chings sauce red chilli online has made it easier for our customers to buy it without wasting any time in offline markets. We offer its different variants ranging from the 90gm pack at Rs. 20 to 200gm red chilli sauce bottle priced at Rs. 45. We have also tried to reduce chings red chilli sauce price by bundling it with other ching’s products and that bundled product will cost you Rs.185. From changing the taste of your samosas to just spicing up the normal vegetable or sandwich, this chilli sauce will transform your cooking into the great spicy one and loved by all your family. The kids will learn to eat their normal noodles served with a tinge of this sauce. Apart from this, they will not ask you to take them out their brunch or evening breakfast because this sauce will make your food taste like the authentic spicy Chinese taste served at the restaurants. This sauce is best to soothe your craving of eating Chinese food outside and this can prevent your family members to eat Chinese outside at some stalls by compromising the hygiene factor or at some fine dining restaurants by compromising the budget. So, what to do when craving for the good spicy Chinese food? You can buy chings red sauce 200gm online from Bigbasket which assures the most convenient delivery at the right time and with the authentic quality. Reduce your efforts of going to supermarkets and save your time by giving the spicy Chinese taste to anything that you make at home. Happy eating!