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    Everest Garam Masala, 50 g Carton

    Price: ₹46(₹0.92 / g)
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    50 gCarton
    46(₹0.92 / g)
    100 gCarton
    94(₹0.94 / g)
    200 g
    204(₹1.02 / g)

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    Everest Garam Masala

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    Buy Everest Masala - Garam 50 gm Carton Online at Best Price.

    One of the main ingredients in any delicious Indian recipe is garam masala. Garam masala is nothing but a blend of many Indian spices which is powdered together and used in curries, gravies and many other types of dishes. It is a very commonly used ingredient in Indian subcontinents and Mauritius. Garam masala can be used by itself or mixed along with specific other spices also. In Ayurveda terms, the word “garam masala” technically means “heating the body” through food because the spices that it is made of is known to raise the body temperature according to Ayurveda medicine. Hence, this ingredient is used in excess during the winter and colder seasons to keep ourselves warm. Although there are other specific masalas for specific dishes like tandoori masala and tikka masala, garam masala is the most commonly used masala in our country. Garam masala is made out of several other spices namely white and black peppercorns, cinnamon, green cardamom, black cardamom, cumin, coriander seeds, bay leaf, mace and cloves. This is what a typical Indian region garam masala consists of. All of these ingredients are dry roasted separately and then ground to a fine powder once cooled. You can buy garam masala online at Big Basket where you can find a variety of brands. One of the most popular brands of garam masala in India is manufactured by Everest which also has a huge and impressive lineup of readymade spices under its brand. It comes packaged in cartons. Everest garam masala 50gm online on Bigbasket is price at Rs. 41 whereas Everest 100gm garam masala is priced at Rs.78. this exotic mix of spice can be used to prepare delicious dishes made out meat, vegetables and dals or even used as a seasoning on curries, yogurts and raitas. If you plan on using this spice on a regular basis, then it is suggested that you buy a big carton of it. A 200gm Everest garam masala price on Bigbasket is Rs.148 only and can last for a longer duration. This spice mix gives an exotic taste to the dishes which is well liked by people of all age groups. In some of the recipes, garam masala is blended along with other herbs, water or vinegar in order to make a paste, while in some it is sautéed in oil along with nuts, onions, ginger garlic paste with the addition of extra spices such as chilies, star anise and asafetida to give the dish a unique taste. You can buy Everest garam masala online at Bigbasket and give that perfect spicy edge to your curries, gravies and dishes.