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    Rich & Flavourful

    Taj Mahal Tea, 250 g

    Price: ₹170(₹0.68 / g)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    250 g
    170(₹0.68 / g)
    100 g
    55(₹0.55 / g)
    190 g(100 Bags x 1.9 g each)
    210(₹1.11 / g)
    500 g
    305(₹0.61 / g)
    335₹30 OFF
    2x250 gMultipack
    340(₹0.68 / g)
    1 KgCarton
    560(₹560 / kg)
    65014% OFF
    2x500 gMultipack
    610(₹0.61 / g)
    670₹60 OFF
    2x1 kgMultipack
    1120(₹560 / kg)
    130014% OFF

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    Taj Mahal Tea

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